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First lap done yesterday and they confirmed endometriosis

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Finally had my lap done yesterday, even before going to sleep I still expected to wake up and be told there was nothing wrong with me, however, I woke up and the surgeon said he had removed the mirena, done the ablation, and performed the lap (and sterilised me too) but said there was too much endo around my ovaries, pouch of Douglas and also bowel adhesions so didn't even begin to attempt any removal and suggested hysterectomy including ovaries.

So am a bit shocked, I'd really hoped that they just find a little something that would explain the pain and treat it and bingo job done, but not getting into any sort of panic yet as will go back in two weeks for another appointment and discuss it all further then.


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Gosh, that must have been a bit of a shock. How are you dealing with it? What implications will a hysterectomy have?

Firstly happy to hear that the op went well for you. Hope you are recovering ok today.

Secondly, wow what a shock for you! Like you say hopefully the follow up appointment will explain things for you and inform you of the options in more detail.

Thank you for letting us all know how it went and what they found. Wishing u a speedy recovery from the Lap x

I understand how you feel - happy for conformation the pain isn't in your head, but now a bit stunned at what that means.

I'm sure you'll find out more at your appointment but do you think it's worth asking for a second opinion? I'm not an expert (who is?!) but I didn't think a hysterectomy necessarily cures everything and is such a big decision for you to make.

Perhaps with some planning and maybe getting other doctors/specialists on board, they could look at whether the endo can be removed. I don't know your circumstances & wouldn't want to give you false hope but there may be other options.

I know my surgeon has said because the endo is on my bowel, pouch of Douglas & other organs he'd need to get other colleagues involved in any future surgery and I appreciate his honesty.

Hope you're not in too much pain & resting up xx

I had severe endo in those places also and had alot removed, cant understand why they havent done the same with you. I have read lost of stories of gynae's who dont do much as others. Some want u to get organs removed where as my right ovary is in a bad way with endo but he is trying his best to get the endo shrunk before the choice is to remove my ovary. I would ask ur doc to maybe get some answers for you as it sounds extreme when they can do so much now instead of taking ur organs away. Gd luck and hope ur on the mend soon xxx

I won't make any hasty decisions, I will talk it over with gp first and then surgeon, that was his words as I was coming round that there too much to remove, I was last op of the day maybe he wanted to get home for his tea ;) or maybe he wasnt experienced enough i really dont know, he had lots of pictures of it all so will see what comes when I go back for follow up xx

Must be a relief to get answers finally , although not fully yet.

Did u get to come home same day and how are you feeling. Waiting for my 1st one and having an internal ultrasound scan tomorrow. All needs to be done but its all getting very and scary now !!!

Good luck for your follow up!

Malred8 x

Yes it was done as day case, although I didn't go down for op til 4pm and was pretty much chucked out at 8pm as that's when the day case recovery ward closes, I was in a awful state still, sicky and dizzy and in lots of pain, I didn't even get dressed just went home in dressing gown but i knew I'd be better off at home once I'd made the journey, sign of the times unfortunately - and yes it is a relief to have a reason for all the pain and to know I'm not imagining it all, but then it's also quite mixed emotions as the surgeon spent two minutes telling me his findings and best to have total hysterectomy but feel I need to get some more info before making any decisions - good luck to you too xx

Hi there,

So pleased you at least know what's what, your worry is one of my main ones really, so I'm really pleased you've got some good info and can now think about what to do next.

Hope your recovery goes well.


I was told my endo couldn't be removed so I got a second opinion from an endo specialist, honestly it's made so much difference, he actually knows what he's talking about and is going to treat me! x

Am so sorry I can't imagine what hell you are going through pls don't make hasty decisions you need time to grasp your diagnosis and deal with it but physically and emotionally. Get well soon

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