Second lap

Hi everyone

I had my second lap today. Weirdly it showed no Endo despite having chronic pelvic pain and all the usual related symptoms I usually get with endometriosis. My first lap in 2015 showed stage two endo which was excised. Obviously I am happy to not have a reacurrance however I am concerned as to what is causing the pain if no endo showed on the lap this time?

Can anyone shed light

Kind regards

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Did the surgeons not give you any ideas? It's scary how much I'm reading on here that involves poor communication from the medics/surgeons...I have my lap in a few weeks and I'm really hoping to get clear answers...🙏🏻

I was told when I had come back from my surgery about half an hour after so I was still pretty out of it but she said it's there but they just can't see it to remove it? I don't know where to go from here as the pain is obviously going to be there still now

Hi joannavh

How you feeling now? Really hop pain is not to bad tonight? Almost like I had written this myself to. I also like you had second lap to be told before going for surgery scan was clear then other specialist endo does not always show on Mri I was told in Feb 2016 after lap yeah I had endo so confusing as was told after today lap the endo was there though not active so no treatment was done lone I'm at home after very bad experience with my recovery nurse confused weepy and out of it, the nursing staff on ward were amazing, I think the consultant I had to today wasn't confident to do treatment ? Isn't all endo scar tissue and bits so would never be active or am I being stupid xxxx

Sounds like you need to see a bsge clinic for some specialist advice as if endo there and not treated seems you need that. Also if saying no endo but only effects left from it - adhesions and scarring - then bsge are best to deal with that too. And they can and will help pain for sure.

My consultant works for bsge she's really good. Just confusing how it was removed first lap. Then pain is back but worse and not there in second lap? And no scar tissue either. The consultant is very good and an endo specialist so I fully trust her. Just doesn't make sense how it can be so painful but not be seen? Could it be possible it may be adeymyosis?

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