Can the combined pill help with endo?

I'm in the process of being diagnosed and they're threatening to put me in the Mirena coil when they do my lap, but I have had a very bad reaction with the prog only coil and provera they put me on to try to clear retained placenta after they screwed up my c-section and left some placenta behind. I get very depressed and almost suicidal very quickly, so this is not for me. But I was very happy in femodene before I had the baby and would prefer to go back on that. Altho' I am 35 hrs old and very fat (13.5st at 5ft3.5). Any ideas? Is there a more modern combined pill out there safer for fat older ladies? Would love to have the benefit of your thoughts ladies!

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  • Sorry, I meant I had a bad reaction to the progesterone only PILL.not the coil. I have never used one.

  • Hi there, I've been on the combined pill (Dianette and Levest) for about 5 years to control my endometriosis, but because of my weight increasing (I'm about 12st5lb, and 5'3") they have been reluctant to prescribe it again and are going to change my prescription to a progestogen-only pill (Cerazette). My blood pressure has always been fine, which is why I've got away with it for so long, but a change in doctors has meant a change of opinion, and they aren't willing to take the risk keeping me on the combined pill any more. I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but the increase in risk with the combined pill and a BMI over 30 seems to out-weigh the positives.

  • No this is very helpful. I have a BMI of 31.5 do I think I would fall foul of the same problem.

  • I think it all depends on the previous experiences of the doctor you see! It's always worth asking for what you want, but they won't necessarily give you your first choice. The combined pill has more risk of blood clots and stroke with over-weight ladies, and my doctor has dealt with this problem in the past, so she doesn't take the risk anymore.

    The pill isn't a permanent thing though, so if you lose weight you can change your prescription. There are loads of different pill options that you can discuss with your doctor when you see them.

  • well as you are saying this that you do get bad reaction to Progesterone Pill so if i were you and try the coil and see how that goes and combined pill is ok but it can be a big risk!! i was cerazette last year and it was good but i was in a hell of a mood and i then change to provera tablet but in the end i wished i stayed on cerazette as it was easing it off!! grrr... now i am having so problems with pills at the moment!! so if i were try the coil and it might be better for you than going on the pill.

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