Endo and the Coil

Hi I'm 24 and have been suffering with endo for years .  2 years ago I had a laparoscopy however a few months later I was still in pain and told it had come back so my gynecologist put me on prostap Injections to put me through a temporary menopause . The injections worked and I was almost pain free . Now that I have come off them the pain is worse than ever . They suggested the coil but after hearing mixed reviews I decided against it . In the last 3 months I have been on 2 different pills , but the pain is getting worse and I know they are going to suggest the coil again as its been suggested to me a few times  . It seems the only option right now (I don't want to keep trying different pills as I have already been on so many, I can't have the injections again and I don't think they would do another laparoscopy yet. 

Has anyone had experience with the coil good or bad ? 

Thanks :) 

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I don't have an experience with the Mirena coil but I'll be interested to see what other ladies say because this is likely to be my next option for treatment. Like you, I'm nervous about it (mainly due to the insertion but my doctors have said I can be under general anaesthetic for that). X


Sorry to hear about your pain. I have experienced good and bad from the coil. The first time it was put in wrong which left me in agony, but as soon as it was out the stubborn in me said let's try again, the second time gave a good few years of very bearable pain, in the last 6 months before I had the coil removed the serious pain was back and I was booked for a lap, am still suffering now but giving zoladex a go at the mo. When it worked I loved it, and would definitely recommend based on my experience, the long time frame and freedom with my long term partner was brilliant, only downfall was slight weight gain but if you exercise shouldn't be much. Everyone is different so you may love it you may hate it, but given a chance of bringing the pain down I'll give anything a go!

Hope this helps some.

A x

Not sure I am the best person for advice regarding the coil. I have only had it in for 4 months, it was put in during my laparoscopy so I don't know what it feels like to be awake while having it fitted!

For the first month I was bleeding everyday and I was feeling really down, and I also had a period during that month, which was heavier than it has ever been. But over the next month the bleeding decreased gradually, and I can now finally say it has stopped and I have not had a period since the one in my first month post coil fitting. 

I used to have pain all the time and admittedly I do still get twinges every now and then but the pain is far far less than what it was before. And I find if I am really active one day the next day I will be in a little bit of pain.

I don't know if the coil will continue to stop my periods / pains but so far it has been good! So fingers crossed it continue to work for me.

I know how difficult it is to decide on which treatment options, it took my months to decide, and it is very much a trial and error process. And what works for one person may not work for the next. I would say to give it a go and see how you get on and remember it can take 4 to 6 months to settle down x

I had the coil for past 2 years and my body took really well to it - had no side effects but most importantly - my periods are so so light, you can hardly call them periods! + I used to be in agony each month (I tried different pills as well) that no painkillers would shift and on coil the pain reduced a lot, I only take paracetamol or ibuprofen and it goes away. It's definitely worth a try! The only thing - when you book your appointment, on the day when they insert the coil take some pain relief beforehand as it can be quite uncomfortable to insert it. Afterwards you will feel a bit sore, cramps etc so take a day off work but you should be good the next day. 

Thanks for the reply I've decided to go for it , I'm at the point where I'm willing to try anything . Glad it worked out for you, hopefully it will for me to  Thanks for the advise xx

Thanks for the advise everyone much appreciated I have decided to go for it hopefully it will work out . Thanks again xx

I forgot to say that after the procedure I felt a bit faint and I had to drive home. I had to sit in the waiting room for a while before I felt better so I could go home. Maybe it will be worth if someone went with you and drove you home (or take a taxi, don't go on public transport). 

Good luck! I hope it will work for you! X

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