Combined pill!!

Definitely feeling annoyed that my gynae doc said it can't be endo as the pill would stop the pain etc....having read endo UK/ info on nice/ royal college OBS and gynae stuff ...they all say the evidence for pill controlling symptoms is very limited!! Iv tried the pill before with no result and gynae have insisted another 3 months back to back before a laparoscopy will be considered.....5 years down line u would think 3 months is nothing but its not them in this pain!!!!!!!!!?

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  • You shouldn't have to wait especially after 5 yrs, I was on microgynon which worked fantastic for me all I needed was a couple of paracetamol to cope with the pain, I ended up with a DVT (hospitals fault) and I got that take away from me, I tried various mini pills and the didnt work for me at all, I'm now waiting for my second opinion which is another 6 weeks away, it can't come soon enough!! Hope you get sorted x

  • You need to find an endo specialist, this doc you are seeing doesn't know what they are talking about. The pill won't help at all. If you search for the poster Lindle on here, she has a post which directs you to a list of endo specialists.

  • Different hormone tablets are different for each patient, that is why there is such a variety of them! The progesterone only pill is often successful with women however I find that it amplifies my symptoms whereas the pill (microgynon) works wonders for me. Yet I know people who have the opposite problem. Ask to be transferred to the care of a different gynae and also just be pushy. I know it feels horrible but if you have to print off evidence before hand and say actually this isn't always true then dw bout feeling rude for 5 mins to make your life better! Go to they have great information about different treatment options, so you are armed when you go in. Good luck!

  • I found that the combined pill probably did (At least at first) help with pain but as time has gone on this is 100% not the case! Your gynae is def wrong on that front.

  • I was on many birth control items for a year, then the Depo shot this past year. NOTHING has stopped the pain. NOT ONE OF THEM. So for the dr.'s to say it can't be endo because estrogen based products haven't stopped a disease that is CAUSED primarily by estrogen makes me want to scream. Yes, it may help for some women, but not most of us. :(

  • Sorry to hear about thw pain you are experiencing. I was on the pill for years and it helped for 4 years or so then the pains came back and i kept getting told you will be fine it one of those things. I proceeded through and told them i wanted something done. One doctor really helped me and pushed me through to see a surgeon and he was amazing and did the surgery and they found i was riddled with endometriosis and it had spread to my bladder. None of this showed on scan and if i was you i would insist that ypu want this dealt with now. Fingers crossed you get things sorted sooner rather then later xx

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