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Laparoscopy wait time in COVID


Hi I'm currently waiting for a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy and was referred for these procedures on 17th September and deemed 'urgent' I wanted to ask how long people have been waiting recently due to COVID? I'm still waiting for my surgery date and I'm really suffering at the moment.

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I think it depends where you live. I was called about 4 weeks after refferal and given a date about 6 weeks from the call so not long to go now.

LEH199 in reply to Honey_bun

Thank you - that's good to know, hopefully a similar story for myself then...Wishing you the best of luck for your surgery!

I had to wait 4 months!

So sorry to hear this, how are you feeling now? Have you seen any improvement?

I’m in a similar situation from you, I saw my specialist last Wednesday, who has put me forward for urgent surgery due to the size of my endometrioma on my ovary. I was sent to have my pre-op assessment on the same day after my appointment at the hospital. However, I’ve not heard anything back yet and is wondering the same thing, when I will get my surgery date. We asked the doctor whether we will have to wait for like a year due to Covid and he said definitely not, but can’t give us an exact time. If only there’s a way to call up the hospital and ask what number we are on on the ‘urgent list’ and how many people are ahead of us, that would be helpful.

LEH199 in reply to Ejl2688

It's so frustrating living in limbo, even if it's quite a wait I don't know about you but I'd still prefer to know the date. Sadly this disease just seems to be over looked and not seen at the level of severity that it should be. I really hope that they help you asap! xx


I think it really depends on the area and the doctor. I had to wait 8 days for mine. I really hope yours is quick xx

LEH199 in reply to ChloeL934

8 Days! I'm so jealous!! And thank you...How did it go lovely? How are you feeling xxx

ChloeL934 in reply to LEH199

I know. I was very lucky, maybe because mine was done by my fertility consultant! Everything went well no complications. I feel fine. Thank you. Fingers crossed for you xx

LEH199 in reply to ChloeL934

So glad you're doing well hun brilliant news and thank you so much xxx

I managed to get on a cancellation list for my last op. It means you get hardly any notice but it's great if you don't want to wait. Things are undoubtedly different now but I'd recommend calling the gynae department and asking to be on the list. Good luck xx

LEH199 in reply to chloe3011

Thank you so much that's such a good idea I'll call them tomorrow, I'd do anything to get some relief. Sick of this it take so much from you and out if you doesn't it. I hope you're doing well, we're all stronger together xxx

I'm still waiting as my op date got cancelled due to this covid and it doesnt help with being on norethisterone now for 12 months straight with no breaks .... but now my gynes consultant is sending me a letter to go in to get me examined to see if a laparoscopy hysterectomy can be done as that is what I'm wanting I dont want periods anymore as they have really ruined my life and I dont want no more children neither

LEH199 in reply to LoneWolf91

So sorry to hear this hun, I really do sympathise - We shouldn't have to suffer this way. Keep on at your consultant, lay it on as thick as you can because it's serious and they need to see this. I've received a few messages from girls saying that they managed to get their laparoscopy recently and that they believe it's because they kept nagging at their Doctor (and rightfully so)

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