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NHS London Laparoscopy wait?

Hi everyone - I’m new to this forum and have been undergoing investigation for Endo for the last year or so, though enduring the symptoms a lot longer!

I know there is an nhs wait time of 18 weeks (allegedly maximum..!) but I was wondering if anyone knows how this actually works and what it applies to.

Having tried and failed with a bunch of other treatments I was finally added to the lap waiting list on February 22nd 2019 (first appointment with my GP was just before Easter last year). Having called the hospital this morning (March 28th) I’m still on the waiting list, and they can’t tell me how long for. Does anyone have any experience of waiting times in London? From your referral is it 18 weeks, or 18 weeks just from being placed on the waiting list? It all seems so unclear and I can’t get any straight answers from admissions. Just want to get this pain addressed and hopefully be able to move on with life.

Thank you everyone!

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I know your pain & the waiting is horrible! Have you asked to be put on the cancellation list? I've been in pain for 5 years and finally managed to get a doctor to take me seriously after a normal cystosctopy & smear test. I had my gyne appointment on the 8th March & he put me on the waiting list for a laproscopy, he told me 6 months wait. I rang last week because I hadn't had any communication from them at all & they said we were looking at June or July & I said again please make sure I'm on the cancellation list. Got a letter yesterday & my operation is the 8th April!! Still not sunk in it's happening so quickly! I'm in Devon not London so not sure if it helps you but fingers crossed you get in quicker! It's horrible living with the pain. If it helps my doctor prescribed me Diclofenac Sodium & for the first time in years I'm not in constant pain so it might be worth asking your GP about pain relief whilst you're waiting! good luck! xx


Thank you so much for your response ☺️ stuck in bed today feeling rubbish and it cheered me up!

That’s really promising. I’ve been trying to get through to the gynae admissions at the hospital all morning but it just keeps ringing and ringing so I guess I will give it another shot and ask to be put on that list. Good tip!

I get terrible reactions to diclofenac (typical!) though it does make the pain go away, but I can’t say for sure the sickness is worth it!! I’m going to see my gp again this afternoon and hopefully he can prescribe something else.

I really hope you get what you want out of your lap surgery and relief from the pain - it is so horrible. xx


Aww bless you I'm at work not doing much work though haha.

Yeah they can be a nightmare to get hold of, hopefully they answer soon. The waiting is the worst part :(

Fingers crossed the doctor can find you something to help the pain! Thanks I'm just hoping they find something! But my gyne has said if it's not endometriosis he's 99% sure it's interstitial cystitis so at least not all hope is lost if they don't find anything. Just need the next 10 days to hurry up!! Although I do have an ultrasound on the 2nd which I've been waiting 4 months for! Not that I'm holding my breath on that showing anything!

Try to enjoy your duvet day hopefully the pain eases off maybe try a hot bath that always help me relax which can ease the pain slightly :) xx

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Sorry to hear about your wait! I am being treated at Guys & St Thomas' - got referred for my Lap April 2018 and got given a date for my surgery 4 weeks ago. It will be exactly a year between appointment and operation. Its horrendously long and I found them impossible to get hold of on the phone too. Keep calling if you can - they are an amazing facility but the waitlist is of the scale. Sending you hope for a shorter wait than me!


Thank you so much for your reply. I cannot believe that it has taken an entire year for you to get your operation. My consultant said I would hear in 3.5 months but that is making me feel much less optimistic!

The impossibility of getting through on the phone line just makes it seem all the more worse I think, it’s the not knowing whether you’ve even made it onto the list that concerns me! I will keep calling. Best of luck with your lap and hope you get the result you want.


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