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UK laparoscopy waiting time?

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Hello fellow endo warriors! I'm new here and I've recently been diagnosed with endometriosis. I have just been reffered by my gp for a laparoscopy and was wondering if anyone knows how long I'd be waiting roughly? I'd also like to hear about how long it took for you and your experience of the surgery.

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It varies alot depending on which hospital and surgeon you are seeing. So unfortunately there's not a standard waiting time. If you know which hospital you will be seen at some ladies might know /have experience with the the waitlist of that specific hospital.

I waited 9 months for the lap after seeing my gynaecologist. My last lap was rough as they had to remove so much and I was kept in over night. The last 2 I was home the same night. Takes a while to heal and feel better. I’ve been off work 4 weeks and got another week to go. Last 2 laps I had 2 weeks off. It all depends on how much is removed and what they do.

I usually wait about 12 weeks after they say laparoscopy is needed ,but I'm in essex ,England so depends what are you are in x

Hi! Erm let's see I got my pre op within around 3 weeks after my initial gynae appointment. A heart issue was discovered which dragged things out a bit so I can't give you my experience of it yet as mine will be done on Halloween. So 3/4 months in total. A lot faster than I was anticipating, it was the initial wait to see the gynae specialist that took at least 6 months, it's been pretty quick since then. Good luck! Xx

Hi, from approval for lap to surgery it has to be done in 18 weeks, because that is the NHS target. If not mention that and nag, good luck

Hi, I waited 9 months under the specialist endo consultant To have the endo excised. I’ve since found out that his waiting lists are now 12 months and not to expect an operation date before that if I need another one in the future. I hope you don’t have to wait that long. I think it depends on the area and who is required to do the surgery.

I never got my lap within the set time limits by the NHS so i went private. I never got offered a date. It’s all very poor as it depends on where you live around the country x

Thank you for all the comments! Xx

Good morning Bubble_by - glad to hear you are on the waiting list for a lap, hopefully the wait isn’t too long! I was lucky as someone cancelled and they phoned me to see if I wanted to go in 2 weeks after being referred but the usual wait can be anything up to a year depending on the hosp! Let us know when you get a date! My lap took 2 hours, I had diathermy to remove stage 1-2 endo on my bowels, pelvis area and ovary. It probably took me a good 2-3 months to fully recover but I was working again after 2 weeks and back to my usual routine. General anaesthetic can make you feel a bit rough for a while after.. hope all goes well for you x

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Hi, I have an appointment at my hospital but it's not until March 😑 I may go back to my gynaecologist before then depending if the pain gets worse or not. It was good you were able to get a cancellation! Maybe the same might happen with me 🤞 I've never had any surgery where they've had to knock me out so I'm apprehensive about that 😬 glad to hear yours went well tho 😊 xx

Fingers crossed for you! Yes if you’re having problems definitely go back to your gynaecologist, they may try to bring you forward too! I felt like that too but it was absolutely fine, keep us posted xx

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