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Hi, I'm new here! :)

Just wanted to get a rough idea of how long people have had to wait to get their letter through to chose where you want to be treated, after being referred to a gynaecologist? My doctor has just referred me this morning as they are pretty sure I have endo but need the lap to diagnose. She said it should take no longer than 18 weeks to chose where I want to be seen but I was just wondering how long people have actually waited as the not knowing and waiting is killing me!

Thanks :)

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  • I think it depends on the area. Your doctor might have a better idea of wait times. I'm from N.Ireland and we are just assigned by area. I'm part of the Belfast Trust and our list is 8 months for an appointment and 11/2 for a lap or hyst. We have very poor resources though. You could maybe look up the BSGE and see if their are any specialists in your area? I think there is a link on the Endo UK website. That way at least if it's a long wait you are going to the best person. Hope you don't have to wait too long! xxx

  • Thank you! I've had a look and there is a BSGE specialist centre at a hospital really close by so I shall make sure I go there. Blimey that is a really long wait! My doctor said 18 weeks for the appointment but I don't know about wait times for the lap yet. Feeling better now knowing I have a BSGE centre close by so it should hopefully be worth the wait as I know they are specialists in endo.

    Thank you very much ☺️ Xxx

  • I'm in London, my gp referred me to gynaecology. I waited a week for the letter, when it came it was just an appointment not a choice.

    I phoned up and was given a choice of 2 hospitals but not bsge specialist, they told me the general gynaecologist had to refer me on. I don't think this is true?

    I then had a 2.5 month wait for the appointment.

    it was very disappointing so if I were you, when your letter comes, check it is for a bsge centre. If not, go straight back to your gp, with the list, and ask to be referred specifically to a bsge centre.

    hope it goes well and your wait is not too long x

  • Thank you for replying ☺️ My doctor has told me I will be sent a choice of my nearest hospitals and I can choose which one will be best for me. Luckily one of the hospitals near me is BSGE certified and I know someone who has had treatment there for endo and can't recommend the gynaecologists there enough. I will make sure I get seen there.

    Thank you, I hope so too! x

  • My appt was roughly 3 months before I got to be seen and this was in Birmingham UK.if you have your choose and book booking reference number and password you can go online and see if there any appts quicker than the 18 weeks.

  • Thank you. How and when would I get a booking reference number and password? And what site it is to book an appointment? This is the first I've heard of doing it this way ☺️ Thanks!

  • When I went to the gp for a re referal I told them I knew the consultant I wanted to be referred to.So when they do the referal you have a right to choose and book where u want to be seen.THe gp (secretary) phoned me the following day with my booking reference number and password and you google choose and book and go the website and I booked my appt. Some Gynae appts were available within 2 weeks but I had to wait Abit longer

  • Hi, I got my letter through really quick, about 2 days after my appointment and then had to go online to choose my hospital and the date, some had dates available a few days after. After the first consultation at the beginning of April I have recently had a date through for my lap which is 18th May. I'm in Worcestershire so I guess it does depend on your area but hopefully you won't have to wait too long! Good luck xx

  • Ah that's really encouraging- thank you! I guess my doctor has to say the longest wait time possible to cover themselves and so I'm prepared if the wait is that long. I would be over the moon if it came that quickly but like you said every place is different. I'm in Oxfordshire so I hope the wait is similar to yours! I have in my head that I won't be having my lap this year but your comment has given me some hope- just hoping for the best but expecting the worst! All I can do really :) Thank you xx

  • Hi mimilouise88, can I ask if this was at a bsge centre? 

  • Hi Sarah, no it's not, apparently there is one near me at Worcester Hospital but it wasn't one of the options I could select unfortunately. xx

    Should also add it's a private hospital but I am being seen as an NHS patient, I had the choice of one NHS hospital or three BMI ones in my area. I don't know if that makes a difference! 

  • I'm from Shrewsbury so I had seen 1 at Worcester. I used to live in Kidderminster and before that in Blakedown. I am now waiting for my appointment at Chester bsge centre following my referral.

    Hope all goes well with your lap on 18th X

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