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Right hand side, groin, ovary leg pain.

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Hi everyone,

I have been reading but haven’t posted yet.

I had a laparoscopy and other procedures done along with having a mirena coil inserted in early January. It’s was for stage four endometriosis and they were lucky to get it all done in one surgery they said. It was my second surgery in five years for endometriosis.

I feel like I’m ok with pain. It’s always been apart of my daily life but I’m really suffering and struggling at the moment.

I have the most excruciating pain in my right groin, right ovary and it radiates down my right leg. The pain also travels up my right hand side. My right foot has felt strange today with pins and needles and numbness. That hasn’t happened before.

The pain is always there everyday Since my surgery and some days it’s really unbearable. But at it’s worst when I’m having a period.

With all that’s going on in the works I don’t feel it’s right to take up a doctors time with this.

Has anyone else had this kind of pain or know anything that might help?

Thanks you


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I experience the same symptoms/pain as you, and it seems to have been present since my first laparoscopy.

Tramadol was really efficient at stopping this pain but I have to stop due to negative side effects (nausea/migraines/vomiting/shakiness), I haven’t found anything as good as tramadol yet but I’m now on Naproxen which I’m in the early days of trialing.

Lying down and using heat has been good with helping to ease this pain but obviously doesn’t get rid of it.

I’ve been trying to get the GP to prescribe me pregabalin/gabapentin/duloxetine/amitriptyline but they are currently refusing, however my aunt who is a nurse practitioner has suggested that because the pain sounds like nerve pain these are worth trying to see if they help.

Hope you find something soon x

Thank you for your reply.

How long have you had the pain? Have the doctors said it’s always going to be there now?

Thanks again!


I have pain since I was young, I had my first period at age of 10 but was experiencing pain before then, however the pain worsened when I was around 19 and then got excruciating after my lap when I was 24.

Since I posted I’ve been prescribed Codrydamol and Naproxen both ineffective and naproxen had negative side-effects with my stomach.

They’re now trialling me on Amitriptyline. X

Yes I am going through the same problem.di yoga every day.and for pain take moringa tea ones a day

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Parvez_66 in reply to Parvez_66

Do yoga

Omg this is the exact pain I've been having but on my left side. Some days it bearable others days I can barely walk. My doctor says I may have nerve that got trapped in my incision site while healing. Does you spin begin near an incision then radiates out? I've been doing some yoga and stretching exercises I think that what makes it more bearable these past weeks

Thanks Ladies, sounds like I need to get into yoga!

That’s interesting. Did they say if it’s something that can be fixed or checked? Or only managed?

Thanks for your responses.

I didn’t see anything about it online relating to endometriosis surgeries and didn’t know what to think.

Hope you are all having a good day today xx

I have this too!down my left side

I has this before the lap (had the lap feb)but last week the pain came back more intense I couldn't walk.

I only had naproxen to take and wasn't really helping too much, but like you didn't want to ring the gp on current situation.

I experience this. I had my lap in September and had the coil put in (but no endo removed). It’s reassuring to know that this is a common experience ❤️

Hi Gemma, im sorry to hear your still in pain. I too had an operation on 9th March removing my right ovary and the removal of Adenomyosis fron my left ovary. I had to be rushed back into hospital in so much pain in my left side. They gave me two lots of antibiotics for infection?

I finished my antibiotics last friday.

The pain is not in my groin area this time its more in lower back hip its awful. I was very reluctant to phone my doctors due to all the pressure that they are under. My husband is very concerned if i left it i might end up going back into hospital via a ambulance on my own i really don't want that. I eventually called the doctors this morning, im just waiting for a doctor to call me back. Im hoping its nothing too serious.

Gemma give them a call if you leave it you might end up more pain than before.

Good luck keep me posted

Amanda Compton

I have the exact same pain! Had my lap in October with coil fitted and had the pain since my gyne said its nothing to do with op or anything he did and that it's possibly the coil, the pain is right sided groin hip area its awful, I went to the docters a few days ago for swabs and to check my coil and the doc couldn't find it!! So now I'm waiting for scans to check if the coil is the problem

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