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Pain in right side has returned

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Hey, I know I'm posting a lot lately but I'm just pretty fed up now...

I had my diagnostic lap on 27th March (just over a week ago) and according to my op notes, nothing was found or diagnosed and I can't meet with my gynae for 3 to 4 months...

Over the past 2 days, my stitches have been a bit bloody but are now healing thanks to advice on here to use colloidal silver to keep them clean.

Last night, my pain returned quite badly to my right side where I had it before surgery. I thought something may have been moved or the gas may have helped in some way as I had been almost completley pain free for a week other than some light period cramps on my first post lap period last Thursday.

Today, I can feel the right side pain just like it was every day throughout January and February and what led me to get the lap done.

I don't know what to do as the pain is clearly back and the laparoscopy didn't remove or find anything so I don't know what is causing this pain.

Scared to use my hot water bottle as my stitches aren't fully healed yet and I was hoping the pain would have lessened after surgery.

I'm back on the pill but going to be taking breaks to see how my periods go. I'm too scared to try the coil which is all my gp suggests.

Sorry for the rant, just feeling a bit rubbish to be back in pain once again... xx

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yay glad the colloidal silver is working :)

Sorry you're still feeling rubbish. You're still recovering from your lap, even though on the outside you look almost recovered just remember in the op you had incisions, cut open, inflated with gas, had instruments poked around, biopsies taken, deflated, and closed back up; that's a lot of stuff so inside you're still healing. While your healing your body response is to make the area inflamed to protect it, hence the bloating and general soreness, as it heals and starts to return to normal more specific pain can come back.

My specialist said at the two week apt they check how you're recovering then at 4 months you should be fully recovered from op and that should give you an indication of pain / symptoms.

Your period for the first cycles may be worse as you've had them poke around your insides. That's why they usually say give it a few cycles to recover fully.

It may be a good idea as you recover to keep a diary of cycles, pain and symptoms on a month a page style with your own pain scale and location of pain. The when you have your check up / follow up in a few months go through this with your specialist, and discuss next steps. A specialist will want to help you to the best of their experience and so quick treaments like hormones shouldn't be considered until they know what's wrong and whether that can help. GPs will do whatever is advised to them; period related pain + not planning for children = pill ..... keeps you away for a few months and means less paperwork.

How are you feeling now and have you had any further pain or surgical developments?

Good luck.


Hiya Helly, I'm still in tons of pain, on 1000mg naproxen a day now as well as Brevinor to stop my periods (no bleeding for 6 months is an improvement) but i still have daily pain which no one can seem to figure out why. I'm waiting to see a pain management clinic as well as a new gynae at the end of january but I'm honestly getting super fed up. My pain ranges from down my right thigh to up to my right shoulder as well as my usually lower abdomen and lower back. My scars also keep get inflamed, itchy and risen, especially if it's a bad pain day which is just another inconvenience but its fine.

Without a firm diagnosis, my gp or my works occ health can't provide any additional help so it's just a waiting game.

Thanks for posting,

How are you doing now? Xxx

Some general gynae surgeons miss endo. Stand your ground with your new gynae consultant and insist on another lap. You know your own body and being in daily pain isn’t normal. Hope you get the answers you need soon xx

Hi SarahMow, I have spoken to my new gynae who has suggested it may be deep endo so was likely missed. I just have to wait for availability and alternate therapies etc xx

So sorry to hear you are without a diagnosis yet..

Have you thought about getting referred to a BSGE endometriosis centre?

The internet lists them in the U.K, I agree with Sarah and know endometriosis can be missed

Mine was only diagnosed with hysterectomy for Adenomyosis and dismenhorahea pain and clotting and a host of all over back/body pain. The pain shot down my right thigh in my later days right before surgery and amI felt almost urinary incontinent.

When the surgeon wemt in I had stahe iv endo and bowel was very badly affected plus pelvic cavity, womb, engulfed ovaries 1 worse than the other (probably the right) I had stabbing right ovarian pain for years and would almost fall to the floor in pain, ok so did once or twice.

My MRI months before only showed Adenomyosis.

I believe like me you will be found to have this condition. I was with DR Hunter Dr Endometriosis in Belfast, hes an advocate for the local Endometriosis support Group and guest speaker, we dont have endo centres in Northern Ireland but this is the type of surgeon you need, affible, who has a strong belief in the disabling effects it has to women.

I had to go private in the end and thus was as from January 2018 I was 2 months bed ridden and almost wetting myself. My womb was a big player in my pain and My bladder control is phenomenally changed for the better.

I can now wear tight clothing around my stomach like control wear and tights I could never before.

Internal examinations were also very very painful for me..especially to the right side where my problematic ovary/endometriosis was heavy adhesed to my pelvic wall.

Just some points for you to think of.

Strangely the condition was also giving me finger joint pain amd shoulder and arm pain towards the end before surgery.

Nausea and chronic tiredness with every peiod bleed heavier and more clotting present.

Best of luck to you.

Try to get saw by the BSGE centre endo as soon as possible.




Hi Helly, I contacted my nearest bgse centre's self referral endometriosis clinic but they said I was "out of area" and could only be seen there for a consultation if referred by my (terrible) GP and he is super reluctant and I think he believes it's all just in my head....

I'm hoping I can push for an mri or internal - I haven't had either previously as my GP initially palmed me off until I went for a private consultation and the private gynae put me down for the laparoscopy under himself.

Thanks again Helly, it's all just rather annoying...

Push that GP, the referral to that centre is your right!

Explain to the GP even just to discuss it with the specislist so you can rule out endometriosis.

My endometriosis was missed on MRI and Ultra Sound in 2017 about May time yet in my hysterectomy in March 2018 I was severely covered, multiple organs.

I believe your answers will lie with the specialist care or private. I went private due to the NHS shortage here.

An MRI may show adenomyosis the endometrial cells going inward and thickening the womb, mine showed this up. My womb was also "boggy" enlarged.

This gave me so much of my issues over the years not just endometriosis, Im convinced of it.

Best wishes



Hiya, I will try and push next time I'm due back to see him (in about 2 weeks once I run out of pain meds).

I have had a private consultation but I cannot afford to have everything done privately right now.

I have considered adenomyosis for a while, especially when my lap came back clear, but that possibility is going to be explored in January or at the pain clinic I hope.

Thanks for your help, Helly :)


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