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Pain in right side has returned

Hey, I know I'm posting a lot lately but I'm just pretty fed up now...

I had my diagnostic lap on 27th March (just over a week ago) and according to my op notes, nothing was found or diagnosed and I can't meet with my gynae for 3 to 4 months...

Over the past 2 days, my stitches have been a bit bloody but are now healing thanks to advice on here to use colloidal silver to keep them clean.

Last night, my pain returned quite badly to my right side where I had it before surgery. I thought something may have been moved or the gas may have helped in some way as I had been almost completley pain free for a week other than some light period cramps on my first post lap period last Thursday.

Today, I can feel the right side pain just like it was every day throughout January and February and what led me to get the lap done.

I don't know what to do as the pain is clearly back and the laparoscopy didn't remove or find anything so I don't know what is causing this pain.

Scared to use my hot water bottle as my stitches aren't fully healed yet and I was hoping the pain would have lessened after surgery.

I'm back on the pill but going to be taking breaks to see how my periods go. I'm too scared to try the coil which is all my gp suggests.

Sorry for the rant, just feeling a bit rubbish to be back in pain once again... xx

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yay glad the colloidal silver is working :)

Sorry you're still feeling rubbish. You're still recovering from your lap, even though on the outside you look almost recovered just remember in the op you had incisions, cut open, inflated with gas, had instruments poked around, biopsies taken, deflated, and closed back up; that's a lot of stuff so inside you're still healing. While your healing your body response is to make the area inflamed to protect it, hence the bloating and general soreness, as it heals and starts to return to normal more specific pain can come back.

My specialist said at the two week apt they check how you're recovering then at 4 months you should be fully recovered from op and that should give you an indication of pain / symptoms.

Your period for the first cycles may be worse as you've had them poke around your insides. That's why they usually say give it a few cycles to recover fully.

It may be a good idea as you recover to keep a diary of cycles, pain and symptoms on a month a page style with your own pain scale and location of pain. The when you have your check up / follow up in a few months go through this with your specialist, and discuss next steps. A specialist will want to help you to the best of their experience and so quick treaments like hormones shouldn't be considered until they know what's wrong and whether that can help. GPs will do whatever is advised to them; period related pain + not planning for children = pill ..... keeps you away for a few months and means less paperwork.


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