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Pain in right leg after surgery

Hi guys,

I’ve got a bit of an odd one and I’m not sure whether it’s related to the laparoscopy I had two weeks ago, I started driving again on Thursday and I have noticed that my right thigh feels extremely bruised but there is no bruising, I haven’t walked into anything and it’s now starting to hurt to walk on. I was wondering whether anyone else had experienced this after surgery at all?

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I'm glad I saw this post, Alice, because I'm getting this exact issue!

I had my lap on 27th March and recently my leg feels like it's been battered. All down the side of my thigh feels like it should be bruised hut it's not and when I'm sitting down it feels like my thigh is pulsing to me so I stand up to try and remove what I've been thinking were cramps but the pain gets worse so I return to sitting?

I wasn't sure if it was lap related or not and I don't drive yet so I know it's not related to that...

Hope you figure it out, I'm just taking paracetamol to try and heal everything currently. Xx


I’m going to call my Drs tomorrow as I’ve been signed off work until Wednesday and I want to know whether it could be related. It’s such an odd feeling but seems to be getting worse if I’m not moving on it but I’m struggling to walk. I’ll update you when I’ve spoken to my GP!xx


Thank you! Yeah mine gets worse the more inactive I am but once I stand the pain is worse.

Let me know how it goes, good luck! Xx


The nurse checked my leg for swelling, heat, senses and colour but all is fine - I’ve had issues with my back before so she said that it may be from the amount of time I’ve been laying down and using my back muscles more rather than my stomach that it could affect the nerves in my leg - always my right leg it seems to be! Xx

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Thanks for responding! Yeah I used to have nerve pain in my hip and back before surgery and now it's probably just moved down to my leg from all the time spent in bed.

Hope it gets better for you, thanks for letting me know xx


Thank you, I hope yours gets better to! Going to have a nice hot bath when I get home with some bath salts, back to work tomorrow! :( xx

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