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Sciatica and pain down right leg?

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Hey lovely endo ladies,

I’m just wondering do any of you suffer from sciatica pain &/or pain down either/both legs at all? Especially during your menstrual cycle?

Throughout the month I experience a mixture of dull/sharp pains but during my period, over these past few months the pain has radiated , appearing constantly down my right lower back reaching the back of my right calf. It’s becoming my increasingly worse and irritating.

I’m having one of those days were I would love to throw my uterus out the window🙃🙃🙃🙃

Sending positive vibes to you all!

Lots of love


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Hi Emma,

I get th exact same. I sometimes get it down both legs but predominantly my right. The pain ranges from feeling like someone has just punched me, to sharp stabbing pains, to an intense dull ache. Today is the 2nd day of my period and the pain is in my lower back on the right side, and is shooting into my leg really intensely. Xx

Hey metal chick,

I can relate to your pains so much!! It feels like I’ve done a massive workout on my leg, like stretching it out doesn’t nothing or no amount of repositioning helps. It’s just another symptom added to the list. I don’t know about you but my body just feels like shut down during my menstrual cycle, everything is sore. What do you find helps ? I’m currently lying with a hot water bottle on my back and it’s soothing it slightly x

To be honest I'm just on the road of trying to lean about Endo as much as possible, and then am gonna try to find things to help. It's so difficult and unpredictable. X

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Alarna in reply to Metalchick101

Me to I'm new to it also

I find hot water bottles are brilliant but my body feel so bad everyday day wish it would give a rest

Hey Alarna, I hear you! Some heat patches work well too but they are quite expensive and only last max 2 hours. It’s constant annoyance, very annoying trying to get on with life when you just wanna lie down constantly :(

Just feel like my body us shuting down most days

Yes I’ve suffered the same over the years. I have recently had a lot of sports massage specifically for running and have found that they were able to alleviate a bout of this sciatic pain immediately! I haven’t had it since. But if I do get a flare up again I will go back to the sports therapist for a massage. Doctors/consultants have never suggested anything other than pain relief meds but it makes sense to me that the massage actually deals with the inflammation and pressure being put on nerves etc by the Endo. Be warned the massage itself is pretty painful but I can honestly say the relief afterwards from the sciatica was amazing!

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Sounds good, I’ve heard manipulative therapy tends to help. It’s so easy to just reach for the tablets, thanks for the recommendation!

Hi there. I get this pain and I've recently had a nerve block by ucl targeted for it. My local endo dr referred as he is investigating whether there is endo in the siactrica nerve. It's a new area here in the UK but already a professor is doing a lot of work on it in Switzerland. I'm in surrey and my endo Dr is the only one so far operating in the UK in this new field. Worth maybe some investigation especially as it'

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Aw woah, on the nerve? Endo really goes out of its way to be a proper arse doesnt it 🙄 did the nerve block work well??

So I have a question can endo go any where as I'm worried as I get pins and needles a lot in my feet and arm

Hey Alarna Jen82 commented that they are researching whether or not you can get endo on the sciatica nerve. From my research it does seem like endo can travel , I haven’t heard of any on the arms/legs but more the nerves and muscles being indirectly affected x x

Thank u will discuss this with my gynecologist hopefully I get a lot of answers soon got twp appointments in may

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