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Burning pain from right side of ovary /groin Down leg to knee? Please help?

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Hello ladies,

I am on the waiting list to check for endo. Due to pelvic pain that gets worse after ovulation. This pain has gotten so bad since the birth of my son 4 years ago. for the past 2 months I have had worsening pressure/niggling pain in my right side of ovary, it's now burning from my hip down to my knee, making me feel sick & keeping me awake at night. I also have quite abit of wind with it, but the wind isn't bothersome although it feels trapped it dosen't cause the pain.

I have pinching & burning around my bladder & pelvis if i sit for too long or move quickly.

I can not even walk to the shop without being in pain after. It's ruling my life. I just count the hours away till bedtime now 😞

Does anyone else get this burning from ovary/ groin to knee?

Thank you so much in advance❣

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Hi heartof3,

I am so sorry that you are going through this pain, it is awful 😞!

I am going through a similar pain at the mo too. The pain is going down my left leg, I think my cyst is hitting a nerve that is causing this pain.

I have read that this is common to have depending on where the endo/cyst is sitting and if it’s sitting on a nerve it causes that sort of pain which is so annoying, like you said it affects your day to day life 😔.

I was on a waiting list to see a gyno through nhs but waiting list I won’t be seen until may! Unfortunately at the mo with nhs so back logged you will be waiting for a while, so I’ve made a decision to go private for my consultation. I called them up on Thursday and now being seen this Wednesday!! If you can afford it I will definitely recommend going private for consultation only, normally the costs is between £200-300 but also depends on extra costs with scans etc, but at least you can be seen quicker and find out what is going on and then when it comes to treatment you can discuss to them for it to be referred back to nhs etc. if you do decide to go private for treatment then you won’t be able to go back through nhs if that makes sense.

I hope this helps and if you need any more advice drop me a message xxx

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

Thank you so much for your reply.I am sorry you're going through this too 😞 it's awful.

I am on the nhs waiting list too, they said it's atleast a 9 month wait 😞

I litrally can't afford to go private.

Funny you should mention cysts! I used to get the odd cyst monthly but this feels like it's like it's getting worse.

I am seeing my physio (for pelvic floor dysfunction 😒) up the hospital this week so i wonder if she can help send me for a scan or something 🤔

It's all such a battle isn't it 😢 xx

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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Aww no problem at all and aww thank you. It is so awful 😞. I’ve been like this since September and had a scan in December and they found I’ve got an 8cm cyst on my left ovary and with the symptoms I’ve been having they think it maybe endo related, and have had problems with my periods in the past, but never thought it would lead to this as I was always told I’ve got a bad menstrual cycle and that was it, so never thought anything of it tbh.

Omg that’s awful! Yeah it was the same for me, but made the decision to go private as I don’t think I can carry on like that as it’s affecting my day to day life.

I am so sorry that you can’t afford to go private and can’t imagine the pain you are going through and having to wait that long 😢!

Ohh that is strange! It could be something else maybe, especially if you are having different symptoms to what you would have if it was a cyst.

Ohh yeah definitely speak to your physio they might be able to give you advice and help for sure ❤️.

Ahh it is such a battle for all of us, now being in this situation and you do have to fight all the time, even though you feel like the battle is never ending. I really hope you find some answers and get seen to sooner 🙏❤️❤️

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

Oh bless you. Feels never ending, dosen't it 😞 Same as you, I've had on going cysts & they're now thinking it's endo related as it starts flaring when i ovulate, the pain stops me living my life.

So mine started off as a cyst feeling but now feels like burning from my ovary down to my knee, which is new to me.

I constantly feel a niggling, stabbing in my right ovary.. is yours like this?


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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Yeah it certainly does! Aww bless you and yeah yours does sound like it could be endo related, have you ever had any surgery to remove your cysts and if so did they see any endo?

Yeah that’s the sort of pain I am getting on my left side. It goes across my lower back down to my leg and feels like a niggling, twitching, dull/achey pain. If it really flares up it turns into a sharp pain. I take strong painkillers and use a heat pads and that does help ease the pain, but is starting to flare up more now if I do lots of activities 😔, so currently off sick until I see the gyno on Wednesday.

To me it does sound like you may have a cyst but I could be completely wrong as everyone’s symptoms are different, but definitely get it checked out ❤️

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

I can relate to everything u just said! Mine is badly flared at the moment, because I went for a longer walk than usual. I litrally can't even sit up for long at the moment, it feels like my pelvic area & back is crushing & ripping 😖My cysts have always naturally bust in the past. I've not had surgery in that area before.

12 years ago I had a urine polloyp removed & a coil put in to try & help endo symptoms but the pain of the coil got so bad that they removed it.

The contaceptive pill just makes me badly hormoanal.

When my son was born 4 years ago I had a endometrium infection that turned into sepsis, I bled so much I needed blood transfusions.

I also had prolapse surgery 9 months ago ( posterior repare)

It's litrally been one thing after another.

Oh bless u. The pain is so controlling isn't it.

It's so hard to explain to people what it's like, it's one of them things that if you haven't been through it then you have no clue how awful it really is, aye 😞 xx

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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Aww bless you that sounds awful 😔!! I am so sorry you have been through all of that, that just sounds horrible 😢!

You certainly have been through the wars with it all!

So have they tried to remove any endo from you in the past but it just keeps on coming back?

That is interesting to know about the pill as I’ve noticed in the past pills have never agreed with me hormonal wise and get really bad anxiety from it too, that’s why I stopped the pill but my periods got worse again and have also noticed that I can’t put a tampon in as it can be swollen up there during my menstrual cycle. So I am curious to know if I do have endo or not, as I haven’t been diagnosed with it yet, but speaking to everyone and hearing everyone’s symptoms I do believe that I do have it and that’s where my cyst has come from. My doctors believe that I do have it too, but just got to see what my results say when I get them in the future.

Yeah it is such an eye opener and is so upsetting to see the amount of women that go through this and I am quite surprised it’s not spoken about enough, as I had no idea what it all was until going through it now ❤️.

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

I've never had endo removed or confirmed. Just like you, my doctor & guna suspect Endo. So for now I'm just on the waiting list for surgery, learning how to live with this awful pelvic pain.Have u had many cysts removed?


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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Ohh wow! I am surprised you haven’t been diagnosed yet with what you have been through 😢.

Hopefully they will find something for you 🙏❤️. Yeah it is so hard trying to find something that helps the pain, and you never know if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day.

No I haven’t had a cyst before, this is my first one. I’ve never had great periods for a long time, but just got worse as I’ve got older. Been on multiple pills never really suited me, so come off the pill over a year ago and my periods got really bad after that and was in a lot pain end of last year and that’s when I found out about the cyst x

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

I no 😏 it's all such a long process. Justall seems never ending.

Omg i just rang my specialists receptionist & she said it's currently a years wait for my op 🙈

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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Omg that is crazy! I can’t believe you will be waiting a year for the op 😞.

It is awful having to wait that long!! Maybe you will have to give them a call again and if they have any cancellations that they contact you and let you know, and that way you maybe seen sooner ❤️

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

I know 😔 I did ask them to put me on the short list, if there's any councilations.

Feels like it's been a long year already.

So crap isn't it x

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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Aww bless I hope there is a cancellation and you get seen sooner 😞❤️!

It is such a waiting game with everything at the mo and is a shame that we all have to wait this long 😢.

I am always here if you ever need a chat ❤️

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Heartof3 in reply to Chester28

Aww thank u . Same to u, message anytime. We got this 💪 xx

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Chester28 in reply to Heartof3

Aww thank you and yes we sure have 💪 ❤️ Xxx

Hi this is a painful pain and takes over your life if you haven’t seen your GP about the pain then you are better off taking medical health cover and get it done private and after a year cancel your policy if you want and when you get the cover after a month call them up and explain you are experiencing this new pain and it’s not existing pain that you have been seeing the GP otherwise you will be waiting for years in the waiting list good luck

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Heartof3 in reply to Zunz

It sure is 😢 I'm in the UK on the bus waiting list for surgery.

Unfortunately i can't afford to go private.

Thank you for the advice though 😊

I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this. Sounds very similar to my endo pain. I’ve found leg and groin massage helpful especially CBD balm. I use the Be You 300mg muscle balm having tried a few I find it best only thing that properly reduces or stops the pain no painkiller touches. Would really recommend.

Thank you so much for your advice. I'm defo going to try that! Do u get a deep lower tummy heavy swelling pain after walking?? X

I do!! It’s like a bowling ball is sat there bloating and pulling down. I often get bowel symptoms too after walks which isn’t fun 😣

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