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Constant right sided pain?


Hi, just hoping to see if anyone has suffered the same symptoms and have been diagnosed with endometriosis? I have had right sided pain along with other symptoms for some years:

Pain from inside right hip to under right rib cage, sometimes through to back and up my right shoulder blade

Daily Constipation

Gurgling noises up and down right side

Excessive gas

Heavy periods with clotting

Bad period cramps

Pain in back passage when going to toilet during periods

Heavy feeling in my womb and colon during periods

Heartburn and reflux


These are the most common symptoms. Apart from the period issues the offer symptoms come and go for a few weeks or month at a time but I have had them constant for about 4 months now. My gallbladder is always suspected due to the site of some of the pain but always clear. I’ve just come across endometriosis of the bowel and have all the symptoms. Just wondering if anyone else can relate?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Sorry to hear your suffering. Yes yes yes to all of that... I had my gallbladder removed that helped with some of the symptoms (i too was told my GB was fine on scans but when they finally took it out it was full of sludge and not working)

I then got diagnosed of stage 4 endo a few years later and had surgery for this too. I still have some symptoms but alot less then I did so push for answers and treatment. Good luck x

Thank you for the reply. I question whether something is wrong with my gallbladder or if this is all endometriosis now I have read up on this over the weekend. I’m suspecting it’s on my bowel, appendix from the pain and possibly further up my right hand side. I’m going to try and get back to gp this week. Did you have the other symptoms I have that are connected to endo? Thanks again!

Heart burn and dizziness gurgling gas and right pain was all gallbladder.

My worst side for endo was the left ovary so that gave me pain in that leg/back and heavy feeling xx

Hi loubrown24

I have most of your symptoms apart from the dizziness, clotting, and heartburn and reflux.

I get pain in my shoulder like I’ve been over using it but haven’t actually done anything different but yeah.

I have been diagnosed with stage 4/severe endo and it’s actually fused my bowel to my left ovary and my left ovary to the far side of my uterus plus it’s in my pouch of Douglas.

My advice would be if you suspect keep pushing don’t settle drs love to fob me off and many others I am aware of so don’t stop til you know for sure what you’re dealing with.

good luck Kelly xx

Hi Lou, it sounds like you might have endometriosis on your diaphragm from those symptoms. I get referred right shoulder pain regularly when I have an endo flare up, along with a stitch like pain in my right side under my rib cage. Have you had any treatment yet? I had surgery last year and it’s helped massively but I still get flare ups and have been put on a new pill to help manage my symptoms, which has also really helped. Keep pushing your doctor for treatment - it sounds like surgery might be what you need? Hope you get some answers soon. X

Yes the stitch pain! I can relate to that! I have had no treatment yet as not been diagnosed with anything. They have been going down the ibs route but I've never thought it was that. I have an apt this afternoon with my gp so will see what they say and have also had a message to speak to my doc about stool test results which indicates they have found something in that so will see! Thanks for the reply! Lou

Could it be crohns? I have endo but now going down the Crohns diagnosis route as I have several symptoms which you have and also the pain being on the right hand side. Good luck xxx

Hi! I don’t think it could be crohns, my husband actually has crohns so has a good understanding of the symptoms but you never know I suppose. Good luck to you too and hope you find an answer. Lou


I've had very similar symptoms to yourself, mainly ride side pain (specifically just above hip) and bloating. Pain when passing gas, reflux, constipation etc. I had my first laparoscopy on Wednesday, they found no endometriosis but my bowel is slightly attached to my abdominal wall which explains the majority of my symptoms. Best of luck to you x

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Yes I can have pain just above my hip along with other areas too. I hope you manage to get some treatment to make yours more bearable. Thanks for the reply! Lou

It sounds like you have endometriosis on your bowel and a lot of issues with it.

I suggest you look up, which has amazing tips to heal endo starting from bowel health.

It also sounds like you might lack digestive enzymes, which suggests why you have reflux, gas and gurgling noises.

As far as clotting is concerned, the Wobenzym supplement can help.

I suggest you go on a strict endo diet filled with fermented foods, leafy greens, veggies, fruit (especially berries and pineapple), fish, free-range eggs and nuts.

Cut out all dairy and gluten from your diet to try and see it that helps too.

In the meantime, seek an ENDO SPECIALIST (not any gynaecologist. Find one near your area online or on Facebook groups) and ask for an MRI, Visanne or other progesterone-only pill and discuss how to proceed from there.

I had the exact same symptoms as you and I had a leaky gut and ovarian endometriosis :)

Wish you the best of luck!!

Thanks for the reply and all the information, I will look into it all! I have pretty much cut out dairy and gluten already and eat plenty of fruit and veggies. I have had a message from my gp today to say I need to speak to them to discuss stool sample results which indicates they have came across something so I'll see what this afternoon brings. Thanks for the advice so far! Lou

Sure! Wish you the very best of luck!

Yes. Endo is almost always found on the bowel. I have stage 4 endo and have had most of the symptoms you do. One recommendation I can give you that has helped me in regards to the constipation is taking the highest allowed dose on the bottle of magnesium Citrate every night before bed. Hope that helps

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Hi! That's great thank you! I had been taking magnesium anyway but have increased the dose over the weekend :) Thanks for the advice! Lou

Hi, I had exactly these symptoms which I assumed was everything else other than endo as I had never heard of it. Once in ER they tried to take my gallbladder out as they assumed it was that. I had bad GI symptoms and heartburn as you have. Ten months after removal surgery I still get period pain a little bit the GI and excruciating pain has cleared. Good luck.

I'm glad you have found a solution and it's helped ease the pain. Fingers crossed I can get to the bottom of mine also! Thanks for the reply! Lou

I have a lot of your symptoms and was diagnosed with endo after laparoscopy a few months ago. Right ovary was stuck to bowel. What I also have is dragging feeling in upper right side not sure if this is from endo or gallbladder

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That sounds uncomfortable :( I get a pressure under my right rib that feels like my gallbladder may explode out from it so that may be it! Thanks for the reply. Lou

Hey! How are you getting on with a diagnosis? I have very similar symptoms to you and am currently waiting for an ultrasound x

Hi! No further forward unfortunately. Still waiting to hear from consultant as to the next step but it’s been 2 months since my last test showed inflammation so I’m losing hope that anything is going to move in the right direction quickly unfortunately 😕

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