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Belly button incision isn't healing


Hiya everyone need a bit of advice, i had my 1st lap surgery 10 days ago my belly button wound has an infection in, ive been on antibiotics for 5 days now an its still as sore, stingy, red an leaking green pus just not as much tho, im really scared there something wrong, doctor said if the tablets dont work i have to go back to gyne😞 has anyone experienced anything like this xx

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Hi I had an infection. Had antibiotics they didn't work. Have they taken a swab of the area? You need to have the right antibiotic to clear up the infection. I feel for you it's awful. Good luck you will get there x

Gynaecology will be the best people to know how to help so don’t leave too long before getting in touch xxl

Hi I had my first lap on 15th August. Been given the all clear for my incisions they were healing well. Seen the doctor twice and was told the incision are now going to fall off as they healing well. But my belly button one is still intact and hasn't fallen off yet but I have on off pain. This morning I have pain all around it but their no pus or bleeding. Could it be an infection or is it just healing.

Yes this happened to me. I got two infections. The first one was because I should have removed the glue myself a week after surgery. The docs didn't tell me this. Bacteria manifests and causes infection to set in. My gynae removed it for me during my follow up 2 weeks after surgery and said it looks very Red. If it doesn't go down then come back. He then prescribed me the antibiotic called

Flucloxacillin. I kept the wound clean and kept it away from shampoo and bubble bath. The redness went and it looked to be on the mend. 2 weeks later it became Red again and there was pus. I took the antibiotics and it cleared up by day 4. It looked like it had healed. Then a week later I developed a pus blister, well that's what it looked like. I went to the doctors and they drained it and cleaned it up. I then booked another appointment with my gynae. He said it looked fine and that if anything happened again, he would have to spray some local anaesthetic around the area and check under the incision to see if the stitch has dissolved properly. Sometimes what happens is the stitch underneath the incision doesn't dissolve and may need to be removed. It's a very basic procedure. Fortunately everything has now healed nicely. Im now 2.5 months on from surgery. I make sure I keep my belly button clean with an earbud and try not to expose it to anything strong. Go and see your gynae and he/she will be able to advise. Don't worry though. You will get it sorted.

Did they swab the area before giving you antibiotics? I tore open my bellybutton incision by stretching to open a window a couple of weeks after surgery. It then got infected so got 10-14 days of flucloxacillin. Was still sore and opened again and lots of pus came out. They swabbed it and gave me doxycycline as second line antibiotic which cleared it so quickly. It’s probably not the right antibiotic if it hasn’t started working yet xx

Hiya just a wee update my wounds have started to heal now thank god cause im due back to work 2mara, but thank you everyone who give me advice xx

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