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Belly button incision- new little pink lump?

Tonight as I got changed and had a look at my incision sites to check they were okay, I noticed my belly button looked a little sticky... gross I know! Which it hasn’t been like at all. I had my lap a week ago yesterday. But I’ve also seen quite deep in there a tiny pink lump that definitely wasn’t there yesterday! Also smells a little yuck too...

I’ve been worried about this so I’ve been cautious about when and how I clean them. Could it be an infection or the start of one? Also what could this new pink lump be?? I’d upload a pic but it looks so gross haha. Thank you XX

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Mine was exactly the same! I got very excited that I might have a weird outty belly button from now on! It was like a little nipple I guess? But it all went down after a while and looks normal again now.

Is there any pain, reddness or heat coming from it? Xxx


I had this! I think it was like a kind of blister caused by the new shape of my belly button and maybe dampness (I had been applying a lot of antiseptic cream). This is probably not advisable but I pricked it with a sterilised needle, some blood & water came out and then it healed up and went away really fast. Warm salt water worked really well too, and drying it whenever it got wet using a cotton bud. X

Oh yeah and yes the smell is normal and gross, again salt water and keeping it dry helped massively! such a gross smell 🙊


It really does smell awful!! And oh god I could never do that anyway, I have such a weird thing about touching my belly button anyway haha it’s taken a lot for me to clean it! It just hurts when I touch it and that’s before I had surgery!! Think it’s because it’s quite deep lol.

I have dr anyway today to have a check because I’ve been throwing up too. Hopefully it’s nothing too sinister! Xx

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Glad you have dr today, it doesn’t seem right to me if you’re throwing up too. Better to be checked than not! Also you can check about the fit note then too. Xx


I had the same with mine, it was weird. It has all healed and looks normal again!

I dried mine and helped it heal by putting colloidal silver gel / spray (I got it from amazon) on to a tiny folded bit of non adhesive dressing (the stuff you get in first aid kits, looks like the inside of a plaster) put this inside my belly button and changed it twice a day. It absorbed the icky stuff and helped it heal while allowing air get to it. I just kept changing it until no more icky stuff came out.


I had two stitches in bellybutton and both have healed into lumps!


I wouldnt worry too much its probably a bit of scar tissue underneath the skin that will eventually flatten..just keep the belly button clean with mild salt water as it is inclined to get whiffy x


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