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Trouble Healing Belly Button Incision!


Hello, four weeks after my laparoscopy and my belly button incision still isn’t healed. When I went to have the stitches removed 2 weeks ago the doctor prescribed me some antibiotic cream and after a week it seemed to be settled, but a couple of days ago I must of interuppted the healing whilst examining it and now it’s bleeding again and a small amount of pus. It doesn’t small at all and the fluid appears to be clear. Anyone else had this? I really don’t want to take antibiotics as they seem to really upset my stomach every time!

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Hi. This doesn’t sound like its infected necessarily. Do you have a temperature or feel unwell? The best thing to do is boil some water and add a small amount of salt. So I use a clean ramekin and nearly fill it with water then add A quarter teaspoon of salt. Stir that round with a clean teaspoon into its all dissolved then when it is cold enough dip your elbow or your finger in and then use a cotton wool pad and gently wipe around your tummy button then if you have a dressing just put that over the top of it so catches any oozing. don’t touch it at all and try and keep the dressing dry. If you need, you can potentially change the dressing every day and if you do this then you can use the same salt solution procedure to clean it. Keep it clean and dry and don’t be tempted to keep opening up to the air just yet. Keep an eye on it. If it gets worse go back to nurse at GP surgery. If it improves then gradually remove the dressing. For example remove it at night time so it’s open to the air, but in the daytime clothes might disturb it so it’s not unreasonable to put another dressing on in the daytime then gradually as you open it to the area should heal. Obviously if you find that you feel unwell have any temperature or it becomes red itchy and inflamed then you should go back to see the nurse at the GP surgery. Hope that helps. Elise x

I forgot to say you could gently wipe some of the cream you have been given onto it, before popping a dressing over it. Just a small piece of gauze with some micro pore is fine. X

I had a granuloma recently in my button incision that did get infected, cream cleared infection but kept it producing puss (no longer red, inflamed or sore but constantly wet) nurse told me to fill my button hole with salt for 20mism twice a day to dry it out. After 2 applications the granuloma turned black (bled a bit first) and then dropped out, problem totally solved. If there is any auditional/new skin that’s sort of poking through your new scar, it might be worth asking a nurse about that?

Hi I had the same thing, went to docs and he said "just add some dressing inside it to air" he didn't give me antiobiotics or a cream as he said the creams break down healing scabs, best to just let it heal naturally - he know's I don't like medicines

. I used a tried and tested method - two laps and suggested to many women! If it's an innie; get some non adhesive dressing - stuff from the inside of a plaster ususually separate in a first aid box, cut to about 1 cm by 1/2 cm and roll up. dab with colloidal silver (from amazon) / diluted tea tree oil / diluted witch hazel or aloe vera gel. Then roll up and place in belly button - so it just goes in, not all the way; this helps keep bacteria at bay while letting the incision air. Replace twice a day, if it doesn't come out add a bit of what you've used above and wait 5 mins. Don't clean or poke anything in. Keep replacing until the rolled up dressing comes out clean and dry. It took mine about a week and a bit.

If it's an outie; cut just enough of the non adhesive dressing to cover the incision - dab with any of the above and place on incision, cover with micropore dressing or any similar non woven plaster - put on in the morning and remove at night.

Leave to air overnight with no dressing / plaster - if it's healing then just leave to air completely.

If there's any scabbing and you're worried about catching it - moisturise with a little coconut oil or argan oil, but let it heal first so it's not weepy.

If any incisions get really warm to the touch (they will be a little warm while healing) or weep yellow white stringy stuff / bleed again / fever, achey "bones" go to a GP or local walk in centre as that's signs of an infection.

I know medical grade manuka honey is meant to be good for "wet healing" but not tried it yet on any incisions; maybe next time. It's meant to work by providing a microbe free wet environment for delicate new skin to form without scabs forming first so it heals quicker with less scarring.

hope that helps you xx

With both of my laparoscopies I found it best just to air it out as much as possible, then when washing in the shower etc just let the water run over it to gently keep clean. As little fussing over it is possible to worked not to irritate it. Creams, lotions and potions can be great and do work for some people but sometimes the best way to let your body heal is to let it do it itself as sometimes to many lotions and potions disturb your bodies natural healing process.

Both of mine healed up completely in 3 to 4 weeks and that was this all of my scars and drain site. Not everything works for everyone but it’s worth a different perspective.

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