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Belly button incision from lap


My belly button incision is basically just full of dry blood / scab.. it’s horrible! Do I just leave it to resolve it self? I don’t want to poke around something that is currently healing

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Put some vitamin E moisturing cream on it, no need for the expensive stuff, Superdrug own brand will be fine. If you can get the body cream rather than face and hand cream it sinks in faster. That will help it heal and soften the scab, give it a couple of days then gently see if the scab will come away. It may need a bit of encouragement as the dint of the belly button can hold it in. Once it's out you do need to take extra care to clean the area just to make sure no bacteria is building up in the dint.

Kate345 in reply to NW248

My belly button is just one big hole, always has been so it’s made a perfect home for a blood scab thing to live in there lol . I don’t want to do any pulling at it I’ve tried to clean with water etc and applied fresh dressings to all of Them

NW248 in reply to Kate345

The moisturiser will help the live skin heal and help the scab separate from it. Put it on a few times a day. I did check when I was at the hospital and they said that it was fine to put on moisturiser after a couple of days. The actual wound should heal in about 10 days, so as long as it is after that you should just be able to push the scab a little from each side and see if it leaves the skin easily, just do a little each day until it comes lose. You'll be able to feel if it is still attached to healing skin.

Kate345 in reply to NW248

I’ve managed to wipe away some of the dried blood from the front of the belly button it just wiped away with warm water but I didn’t want to keep going at it’s it’s just a hole filled with dried blood and a scab so thought best nature do it’s thing for now.

I’m 8 days post op currently

Mine was the same. Once I knew it was healing And my other wounds were looking good, I just very gently used one cotton wool with cooled boiled water to very carefully dab to see if it would come away. It did very easily once it was ready. I had kept it covered for a week as told by the hospital.

Personally I wouldn’t put anything in it other than fresh boiled and cooled water. Certainly till it was visibly healed.

I hope you recover soon x

Kate345 in reply to Zoehman82

It’s just filled with dried scabby blood all I can see is the dried blood in the hole lol but it’s sll dried and scabby, I think it’s best if I just leave it to it I don’t think pulling at it would do it any favours really . I’ve cleaned them with water and put fresh dressings on them and maybe it’s best to leave them to do there thing and heal. I was like omg at the belly button with the dried blood as it’s not nice to look at lol

Tara66 in reply to Kate345


After my last lap my belly button wound annoyed me so much. I think I became a bit obsessive. Could you ask to see a nurse at the health centre if you’re that worried? I found mine so itchy and irritated. But it healed up fine in the end.

Kate345 in reply to Miss_E8

I’m not worried just the dried blood hole makes me feel sick thinking about it.. I hate anything belly button related haha

I just left mine and pointed the shower at it when I was able to shower. I wasn’t comfortable touching that one for a while. I think it healed quite quickly compared to the other incisions but it was the last one I could touch.

Kate345 in reply to Chellywell

It’s just one big dried blood scab it’s hard but it’s ugly!

Relief to find this conversation. I’m almost 5 weeks post op but since week 2 my belly button has been awful. Puss running out 1st. Had a nurse & doctor look, & was given antibiotics but they didn’t clean it. Ended up lifting the glue myself. The smell was too much. It’s scarey how deep the hole is. The puss continued then dried. But then blood. It seemed to dry but looked wet behind the scab so saw a nurse today. But it was dry at the time. Gone to bed tonight & looked under the bandage & it’s runny again! So frustrating. I’ve been told to sit in a bath of salt water and let it soak a bit. Originally told no baths because of the internal stitches. I’m now wishing I’d just been cut instead of keyhole surgery. I’d add a gorey picture but haven’t worked out how.

I had a lap almost 8 years ago and I could not get the dried blood out ! I used peroxide hot water with salt and a q tip. I did this every day ! I assumed it was a scar because it did not smell. Or hurt . Well the other day as I went to clean it as always I noticed it was raised looking I pushed on it on each side with 2 q tips ...I don't mean to be gross...but this large nodule looking thing came out !! And it was hard and looked fleshy. After it came out there was white pus ! Days following I continued to clean it and it was no longer black looking but did ooze sort of clear stuff. Now it seems there is hard material in it again ! Just not black !! This is gross I know ! But what should I do now ? PLEASE LADIES HELP ME !!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TARA

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