Belly button after laparoscopy

I had a diagnostic laparoscopy which then turned into a full laparoscopy having 3 cuts, they found I had endometriosis. I haven't been told what stage they think it is yet, the hospital didn't really tell me much about endometriosis. I am 3 weeks into my recovery which has been going well, but my stomach is so dry the last couple of days and inside my belly button. Is there anything I can do for my belly button, as I'm not allowed to get it wet as I still have dissolvable stitches hanging out. Thank you

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  • Hi you should be able to get them wet , as the excisions should have healed by now. Sometimes the dissolvable stitches like to hang around even though they are not needed any more. Make an appointment with the nurse at your doctors and they will probably remove them for you.

    You should still be OK to put cream on if you feel comfortable doing so.

  • I went to the doctors like a week ago and they said not to get it wet, to cover whenever I am showering and that it can stay like this for 6-8 weeks, and I need to becareful coz I can catch an infection at anytime. So I'm stuck with what to do coz I don't want to catch an infection

  • Hi Amy, I had a abdominal hysterectomy in March where they cut from one side to the other. Had stitches out 7 days after op. So you will definitely be ok to get them wet. But do what you are comfortable with.

  • I wouldn't worry about getting them wet. I had 4 cuts from my lap. The hospital didn't give me any after care info and my stitches got infected . I would try some pure coconut oil . It's a natural anti bacterial and very soothing

  • @amy

    Yes usually there are a couple cuts to get around and see everything

    And ask if you can put pure natural coconut creme on your incision

    Works miracles

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