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Period & laparoscopy


Hi Everyone 😊

I'd like some advice and/or input please!

I'm due my period 1-2 days before my op next week. I know I CAN have my period for surgery but I don't know that I want to have the worry of pain & heavy bleeding whilst being admitted and waiting for surgery (you know the kind of days you just want to be in your pjays, at home?). So I requested a call-back from my GP to discuss Norethisterone to delay the onset of my period. However this would mean that my period would come on around day 5 post op. My question is - I've heard the first period after lap op can be heavy and painful...albeit different for every woman. Am I crazy to consider delaying my period only to welcome it when I'll be post-surgery and already in pain? Thoughts and advice welcome please x

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Hello lizzieBW my names Sophie, I'm 1week in from post operation. I had my period late due to being on steroids n anti biotics weeks n abit before my opp so my period came right on top of my opp date, I felt having my period while having my opp done was better tbh, got slightly more bloated then you would normally having a lypo opp but it was manageable. Will say one thing though when they say REST n take it easy do rest. Everyone is different. Ive taken 4wks off work to allow time to get myself back up fully n sorted. But I'm still suffering pain 1week in.

Take care and all the best for your opp ❤️

Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your kind reply. Sorry to hear that you're in pain 1 week post op but as you said every woman is different and I will definitely take plenty of time to feel ready before attempting to return to my usual routine. Thanks for sharing your experience with period around time of op as this has reassured me. I think I'm swaying to let it come naturally and hope it's over the worst few days by the time the op date is here. Fingers crossed x

Your very welcome.

My local hospital were really with pain relief. It's taking me a little longer I think more due to the fact I had an asthma attack during recovery after the opp as I had a chest infection slightly still 🙄 I was put on Codine and ibuprofen for 4days but yday I went to doctors for more relief cause I can't hack the pain.. Again each to there own though.

Hope all goes well! Feel free to message me ❤️😊 x

Oh no!! So sorry to hear you had an asthma attack in recovery. That must have been really distressing plus the pain management must be tough. I'm just really hoping my pain won't feel too unmanageable but it's good to hear you said you went to your GP for follow-up pain meds. I'll be sure to ask about all of this & the process at my pre-op so thanks for talking through your situation as it has defo helped me feel more prepared.

It turns out I did need Norethisterone to delay my period because I'm having a lap&dye and need to be period free for this. Thankfully I thought to check with my surgeon at the last minute today!! Thank you for the offer to message you, that's really kind. I may well send you a message post-op to say hi & see how you're getting on xx

Glad you double checked!! Yes feel free to message me ❤️😘 xxx

Hi Lizzie, I had a similar thought process- I’m in hospital at the moment having had my lap and excision yesterday and was due my period at the same time- I think it’s better to have it at the time of op so that they can give you the strong stuff you need to deal with the pain. As it is, my period is late so I’m hoping it doesn’t wait around too long as I want to get it over and done with! X

LizzieBW in reply to AngelaW1234

Hi Angela, hope you're feeling okay today and might be at the point of getting home! Fingers crossed for you.

Thank you for reminding me that I will be in a good place if the pain becomes uncomfy from period. I know that "trauma" to the body such as stress or physical injury can delay period slightly so it's possible we will both end up with a bit of a delay and as you said, hopefully it won't wait to long and get it over with asap. Get well soon x

AngelaW1234 in reply to LizzieBW

Thanks Lizzie- good luck with the op; it’s really not too horrible- I’m quite enjoying breakfast currently! Only kept me in because my blood pressure was low last night. Hope everything goes well for you xxx

LizzieBW in reply to AngelaW1234

Thank you! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

Hi, I was on my period when I had my op, I just told the nurse when I arrived and when it was time to get ready (gown etc) I was allowed to keep my knickers/pad and walk to the theatre then once I was in there I then took them off and they put a large protective pad (but like s puppy training pad) on the bed before I lay down. When I was later taken to the ward after the op, there was another protective pad on the bed.

After the op my first two periods were like nothing Iv felt before- had to be drugged to high heaven so I wouldn’t delay it. As you know we are all different so just think about what you want. Good luck with op and recovery. Xx

LizzieBW in reply to Penguins_81

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience! The puppy training pad bit really made me laugh. That's all I'll be able to think of now. It's so undignified isn't it haha but needs must and I'm sure the hospital staff don't even bat an eyelid! Oh you've really got me thinking now. Can't decide what to do now. Thank you for your well wishes for the op xx

Penguins_81 in reply to LizzieBW

Glad I could make you laugh. Try to stay positive and find the humour in things, it really does help you to mentally overcome things.

No matter what you choose, you will get through it, so do what feels best for you. Xx

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