Period after laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

I had a laparoscopy a week ago and I'm due to start my period next Wednesday, I've read a few stories online about the first period after surgery being particularly heavy and painful. I was due to go back to work on Tuesday but have extended my sick leave to the following week as I'm apprehensive about my first period after my lap.

I know everyone is different but I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences. I'll make sure I'm prepared with pain relief and a hot water bottle!

Thanks :-)

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  • After my first lap my first period was beat I'd had in many years not to bad pain and wasn't heavy either, second lap was only 8 days ago so hoping this next one would be the same though have been told 6 months back to back pill, good recovery for you and hope it's not to bad a period for you xxxx

  • Fingers crossed then!

    How is your recovery going?

    Mine is going well, the pain is minimal now. Today I have felt quite unwell and I think it might be anaemia... When I had my pre-op (back in December) I was told I was anaemic but it wasn't treated. Now I'm feeling dizzy, exhausted and have a really dry mouth and sore tongue. I should have gone to the docs really but now I'll have to wait until Tuesday. X

  • Mmmm not so good as last one, two incisions are infected pain in vagina like hot poker and the nurse had forgot to send urine sample so I have to repeat it Tom and was finally given antibiotics at supper time so have squeezed three in. Are you on any pain meds? I get really dry mouth with diclofenic and I hadn't been dizzy for few days though it's back again, call doc tomorrow as mine is open ask for blood test and have them check your blood pressure after my first lap I fell down the stairs with being dizzy and scared and wary this time especially tonight. How's your incisions looking have your sti he's dissolved xxxx

  • Oh no that's not good. My incisions are fine, a bit itchy now but they look to be healing well. My stitches haven't dissolved yet.

    What do they do with the urine test? I did one on the morning of surgery.

    I'm just on paracetamol, down to two a day now. I did wonder if it was pain relief but I don't think paracetamol and ibuprofen would cause it. I've drunk so much water today thinking I was dehydrated however I still feel the same. Are you feeling dizzy at the moment then too? X

  • Keep an eye on them as if they don't dial mole your nurse can take them out saves more pain and pulling, I have had mine tested twice since I came out of hospital because of burning sensation and had just finished three week course of uti antibiotic. Ibuprofen may though not if you have drank so much water so that's a strange one Hun, call in morning for advice see what they say. Yeah still dizzy at the moment when my blood pressure was checked it was slightly low though said nothing to worry about so unsure why now dizzy I thought it was maybe with infection? Xxxx

  • How long can you leave the stitches before you have to get a nurse to remove them?

    It sounds like it's probably as a result of your low blood pressure, hope it goes soon for you. Try to get as much rest as you can. X

  • My aftercare leaflet says they should dissolve 5-7 days if not contact your doc surgery to have them removed,

    Hope it goes soon for you to thanks for taking time to reply. Take care good recovery xxxx

  • You too. X

  • I'm also still very bloated, I'm drinking plenty of peppermint tea and hoping that will start to improve soon. X

  • My stomach is ok first thing though as soon as I eat anything bloating starts again have you tried peppermint water I got that in hospital and seemed to work better than the tea xxxx

  • Hi there, one thing to keep in mind is that your period might be late! Mine was two weeks late after my surgery and apparently that's not uncommon with everything getting messed around with! I too was really worried about it after reading horror stories online but I'm two days in now and although it's very heavy I'm not in any pain. I was a bit crampy yesterday but nothing out of the ordinary. A couple of ibuprofen and I was fine. Good luck!

  • Hey I had my lap the 27th of March and I started my period roughly around the normal time so it wasn't later than expected. I definitely didn't have as much pain but I would say it has been heavier than normal and its lasting longer than normal. I normally have about 5 days where as today its still there just very light and its day 7. Just take painkillers if you need it :-) good luck xx

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