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First period since laparoscopy


Sorry to keep dominating this page but i have another question! My period started yesterday 10 days after my laparoscopy and diathermy for endo and it's the worst pain I've had in years. Is it normal for the first post op period to be this horrific? Saw a different GP today who was v nice but basically said "I don't know" to everything I asked and packed me off with pain killers and laxatives to fight the constipation it will give me!

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Hey, sorry to hear your in pain,

After my lap I had my first period in about a year - it was awful - I couldn't move it made me physically sick, it was also extremely heavy which never helps! I have never felt anything so painful! It was like this for about 3 days. But my second one after that wasn't as bad I think it wears off! Just drink loads of water and try and rest. I hope it goes ASAP for you!

hi mrs claire bear. i posted the same question after my most recent lap. the first 2 periods i had post lap were the worst i have ever experienced pain wise. i have since had my third period and the pain was much more bearable so hold in there. i am still yet to see an improvement in my post op symptoms but heres hoping it happens soon.

take care xxx

I experienced the same after my last op and was concerned as this hadn't happened after previous ops, I contacted my consultant who said it was normal as, in her words, "everything had been stirred up". It did get better after the first period.

Yes it is normal :( I couldn't cry after mine it was so sore :/ your insides take a lot longer to heal and as Jules UK said your period disturbs the wounds an that's why it is so bad. Don't eat anything stodgy (I stuck to mushy veg and vegetarian sausages for a few days) so I wasn't so constipated and drink loads of water. I hope you feel better soon! Xxx

Thanks so much ladies you're all so lovely! I feel much better today -possibly cos I'm so full of drugs but I won't complain! Usually period pain only lasts around three days so tomorrow I'm going to try and go drug free and see how it goes- fingers crossed!xx

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