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First period experiences after Laparoscopy?


Hi Guys!

I'm really worried about what my upcoming period is going to be like (it was due yesterday but now late - I've heard this is normal). I had a laparoscopy exactly three weeks ago to remove a dermoid cyst from the ovary and, whilst he was there, he removed mild endo from the ligaments behind my uterus. (I didn't know I had endo for sure but I had always suspected it due to very painful periods my entire adult life - I'm 32 now).

Whilst the surgery went well (they kept the ovary) and I recovered pretty quickly, I've heard horror stories about passing clots, flooding, excruciating pain etc for the first couple of periods after it. What makes it worse is that I'm back at my crazy-busy job now and I have so many deadlines in the next week that I cannot easily take time off.

I suppose my question is, was your first period after a lap any different than your normal period, and were you able to 'carry on' with life during it? I've prepared as much I can (maxi pads, codeine in the work bag!) and I can cope with most things (even terrible pain) as long I'm not doing something close to a haemorrhage and unable to move for blood (I'm actually quite frightened of this happening to me - I don't usually get very heavy periods).

Sorry for the long post - I'm a bit of a worry-guts and any anecdotes / experience would be much appreciated :-)

Thanks ladies x

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Pain wise it was much better but vomiting wise it was horrendous. Then my next one was fine. However everyone's experiences vary greatly.

My first period after the operation is quite painful but less bleeding. Take some pain killers before hand will help. It easies off after three months.

Honestly the worst thing was the mess and feeling gross from having to use pads. Mine was also quite long ...I think 5 or 6 days with bleeding.

Pain wise OK, just really gross feeling using pads...couldn't wait for it to be over and it felt like it just went on and on.... Just tell yourself it's temporary and you will be fine

Mine was a bit of a breeze compared to my pre-excision periods.

I'm 5 weeks post op at the mo and had my first period almost 2 weeks ago. It was heavy and painful for the first couple of days but it quickly evened out and was much easier than normal. It only lasted 5 days instead of my usual 9/10 days.

I suspect my hormones are still all over the place though as the sore boobs I always get after ovulation didn't disappear with the arrival of my period. I've still got them now and I'm almost ready to ovulate again.

I started my period shortly after my lap (which was 4 weeks ago). It was heavy and lasted for a fortnight, but painwise was generally manageable. Am currently on day 4 of a pain flare (without bleeding) which has come on randomly for no apparent reason, though I expect to start a period within the next week. I'm on cerazette which should in theory have stopped my periods but they're just as screwy as always. Sigh.

After my last surgery I got my period two days later. It was horrific pain-wise and very long. Saying that I've heard of many who felt so much better after surgery or even skipped a period. The fact you've at least had 3 weeks for your body to cope with the surgery would make me feel less worried. It's so hard to say as everyone is different, everyone's surgery is different, how much Endo was there, how much they managed to excise. To be honest I think my surgery was pretty poor and I've now made sure I'll be with an Endo specialist rather than general gynaecologist if I have to have it again. As far as preparing it sounds like you're on it. I'd maybe keep a hot water bottle at work too. Maybe speak to your dr about taking ibuprofen daily for a while. That should hopefully help with the inflammation from the surgery and so give you more of a chance of your period being more pain-free when it hits. Good luck!

Hi Ladies,

Thank you all so much for your very helpful replies. Hadn't thought to bring a hot water bottle with me! :-)

So sorry to hear as well that you are all going through this.

I started yesterday and it has been more a bit more painful but I've coped. The heaviness is also manageable at the moment but I'm just hoping it doesn't get worse. (sometimes my periods sudden;t get heavy day 2 or 3). Anyway, I'm armed with what feels like a whole pharmacy and at least I know "why" this is happening and I know it's temporary as you say! Thank you again for giving a heads-up to what yours was like - at least I'm a bit more prepared.

Honestly, men just have NO idea what we are expected to just put up with!!

Thanks Ladies xx

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