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Period after laparoscopy

Hey everyone! So I’m 4 weeks post op now and just wondering when to expect my period.. my doctor before my op said I definitely was not ovulating due to my cycles being really really long 90+ days minimum. Then when she went in, discovered endo etc and also did a tubal patency test and said she sees no reason why I shouldn’t get pregnant! Waiting for my consultation on the 18th to discuss further. But how can I go from definitely not ovulating to being fine to conceive!!!

So obviously my cycles are all over before the op so I have no idea when to expect my period or anything. I have resumed having sex again after the op, but no idea if I’ve ovulated at any point or will do!

I had some very light bleeding on day 1/2 and 3 post op but assuming that’s Just surgery related rather than a period. So not really sure when to update my diary to match my cycle and where I am at the moment!

My last period started 11 days before my op, so I’m on day 36 of that cycle today. So if my periods don’t change I’ve still got another 60 days to go before it arrives!!

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Should come pretty much as normal... was it just a lap or did you get endo removed?


I had endo removed too. That’s the problem my cycles aren’t normal!


Ok... I started my period when I went for the operation (the day! Can you believe it!?) and I had an ablation as part of endo removal, I bled for a day after due to the operation then my periods were more or less regular and less painful (I also have adenomyosis). I would see how it goes over the next couple of months and if it is still bad go to the doctor. There can be other reasons for irregular periods like thyroid problems (which can be connected to endometriosis) and other hormonal issues.

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It just confused me that she said I’m not ovulating and that obviously is a problem for TTC. But now I shouldn’t have an issue. We’ve been having sex about 10 days post op as felt absolutely fine. Didn’t hurt etc and no bleeding so all good there. Just don’t know where I am.

Feel so 💩 too. Insomnia at night is awful and so tired in the day! Aching, headaches, stomach ache, bad tummy! Bleurgh 🙄


Yeah, you will feel a bit out of it for a month or so


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