Mirena Coil & Endometriosis pain

I'm posting this in the hopes that someone else has experienced the same or similar symptoms that I have recently been having.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis three months ago where I had a laparoscopy to laser it away. At the same time I had the mirena coil inserted to help with symptoms.

However.... After weeks of no bleeding or pain I am now in absolute agony in my lower right abdomen aswell as my right hip and the top of my right leg. I am not sure whether this is the mirena causing this or whether endometriosis is making a super fast return (hopefully not!)

Has anyone else experienced this kind of pain with the mirena coil?

Thanks in advance


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  • Have you had your mirena coil checked? Can you still feel the strings?

  • I had it checked about 6 weeks ago as I was having bad pain then and everything was fine but this pain is far worse, maybe I should get it checked again x

  • I'd get it checked again but try and feel for the strings yourself. Do you feel any pressure in your vaginal area or just pain?

  • It's possible that you might have an infection or the mirena might have moved. Be best to get it checked out. If it had moved though you would probably be bleeding.

  • I've been bleeding for the past week or so, it's the first time I've bled since I thought it had settled but it's been well over a week :/ I'll book in at the doctors. Thank you for replying! Xx

  • it may just be settling down but i do find it odd that this is first time you bled since you had it fitted and you are in increasing pain. Let us know how you get on x

  • When I had my lap I had the mirena coil put in as well. They say it takes around 6 months to settle in. Mine has taken over two years, the pill can help with bleeding if your finding it a real trouble xx

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, the pain has settled down although the bleeding hasn't stopped. When i first had the mirena put in I did bleed every single day for two months to the point I booked an appointment to have it removed because I couldn't deal with the pain and the constant bleeding and it just made me feel so down and emotional after my diagnosis.

    However the week I was due to have it out the pain and bleeding stopped so I cancelled my appointment in the hopes that it had settled. Then three weeks later is when the bad pain started again and I've been bleeding constantly for the past two weeks.

    I'm assuming it's still not settled and that I just need to give it time, it's just so annoying because it gets you down and sometimes it does affect my relationship. I'll see how it goes and hopefully it will settle soon!

    Thanks all for your replies I do appreciate it :)


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