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Painful & confused after lap

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Hi all,

First-timer here so apologies if this turns out way too long/tmi.

Had a laparoscopy (with cystoscopy) on Monday 7 days ago to excise endo that was found on ultrasound, MRI and even physically palpable by gynae exam (oh that was a fun day! 😖)

Was kept in for two nights but went home on Wednesday feeling ok-ish, lots of gas pain but peeing fine, etc. All the time I was there they kept telling me to walk around and drink peppermint tea - even when they'd watched me walk around drinking multiple cups of peppermint tea for over two hours!

Anyway back home I was ok with the ibuprofen & paracetamol for a day or two but then the pain started getting worse. Having finally had a bowel movement on Friday I decided to try one of the codeine pills I'd been given, but I had the wrong (opposite) response to it. Ended up calling the hospital on Sat and guess what, they suggested I drink peppermint tea and walk around - seemed completely unconcerned that my belly had suddenly swelled up to the point where I couldn't eat and could hardly drink anymore. I also started to have pain while peeing and a more constant pain in the urethra/clitoris/ vaginal area, which wasn't there when I left the hozzy. Actually it feels like something was inserted into my vagina, even though as far as I'm aware it wasn't.

Got some different painkillers (naproxen) from a sympathetic doc at a walk-in clinic today, at least, which seem to be doing something for the belly and general pelvic pain. He tested my urine and I don't have an infection though there is still some blood in it. I also learned what a cystoscopy is - I thought it was to look at my cysts and had no idea it was anything to do with the bladder! 🤦‍♀️

Has anyone else had this increase in pain a few days after a lap? It's so annoying that no one warns you about it!

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Oh no - sorry to hear you're having such problems. Good that they've put you on the antibiotics & hopefully you get a peaceful Christmas out of them.

Did you get your results back yet? I ended up back in hospital on IV antibiotics but at least I'm out now and starting to feel better.

Interestingly one of the gynaes I spoke to on my re-admission said that some of the specific post-lap pains aren't helped by painkillers, which I hadn't heard before.

Anyways, I hope you're feeling a whole lot better

No I didn’t, no phone call about the lab results but when I went to a&e in pain on Christmas Eve they dipsticked my urine like the hospital did and again it was clear...

I’m currently on a high dose of both cefalexin and metronidazole for 1 week after being at a&e with a temperature and pain from 12.30pm - all night!! By 7pm and hours of crying and writhing around I couldn’t take it anymore. My surgeon has phoned every day since for an update and really keeping his eye on me. Which I am thankful for. My severe cramping has subsided but the pain when I wee is still there - it’s not a urine infection though. If all hasn’t improved I will be having a ct scan and blood tests.

The temperature has come down thankfully obviously because the antibiotics! And that’s sad you had to be re admitted!! But it was worth it that your feeling much better and recovering - I’m happy and glad for you

Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

Oh wow. My surgeon was meant to call me on Saturday after I rang the ward but he didn't. He only called on Monday after I called his secretary (coz my GP insisted I should try to see him). Told me to go to A&E if I wanted and that he would be back in the new year if I wanted to get in touch again. Sooo glad you got someone with a bit more concern - they are out there 🙂

And ultimately we know to follow our instincts (even if our guts are distinctly shakey!!)

I seem to have been left with a very weird oily pee situation from all the meds, but it's way better than all the pain and fluctuating consciousness.

Here's to a speedy recovery and a fab new year! X

Oh bless you

Is your consultant/surgeon nhs or private healthcare?

Yes my surgeon is fantastic he’s been really attentive so far and helpful I haven’t seen him for a follow up with the complication but he must of really worried that I’d gone to a&e on Xmas Eve I had 4 missed calls from 10.50pm-11.05pm from a no caller ID ... phone was on do not disturb so didn’t ring and I thought oh goodness I want to speak with him and he will think I’m rude!! Then he tried again! you always know that is the hospital no caller ID. I phoned the private hospital when I got home from a&e to see if they could update him.

Then on Christmas Day he phoned and was going to get me in for a ct scan and bloods but my temp had come down with the antibiotics already so we’ve held off for now. But still daily updating.

Yes iv had a lot of rubbish uncaring, un-present and useless consultants who couldn’t give two hoots once they’ve done the big job and left the rest to the nurses so a pleasant change and it helps build trust

I’m sorry you didn’t have the same! But your feeling better and that’s the main thing x x

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