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Home after my lap


Hey guys,

I'm home now recovering after I had my laparoscopy this morning at 10am. It seems to have gone well, the anaesthetic happened so fast and then I was waking up with the dressing on my stomach.

My belly button cut is hurting a lot now and has extra padding on it cos it was bleeding but it's fine apparently. My other incision I keep forgetting about because I can't even feel it.

I've got quite bad gas pain in my shoulder but peppermint water is helping as is a v shaped pillow I'm used to sleeping with anyways.

I've currently got no internal pain which I'm happy about.

My gynae was too busy to see me after surgery so I have to email him tonight then call him on Thursday to see if he can send me my notes and tell me what was actually found and if I do have endo as we have thought.

I'm not tired at all but just relaxing in bed now.

Overall, I think my experience has been great compared to some stories on here.

If anyone wants to talk to me about it, feel free to comment or message me xx

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Glad to hear it went well for you. Rest up today as tomorrow you'll more likely feel like a truck hit you x

Thank you x

Hey! Great to hear you're doing well, make the most of recovery I done too much 2/3 days after lap learn from me and make the most of resting and building energy levels. Any questions messege me!:) xx

Thanks :) I'll let you know if I have questions!

Only thing right now is did they tell you what they found soon after and have you been given a follow up date? Xx

Good!;) and they told me right after the op the surgeon was no where to be seen but a nurse told me all i know it its on my left side didnt say how much thats all i kmow so i find out more in the post op and my post op is 11th of June :) xx

Oh that's awesome!

I have to wait for my results as i dont even know if endo was found because my doctor was too busy to come around so I've emailed him and I have to call him Thursday to get more info. I've been told he'll see me for a follow up in 3 months which would make it June too so I'm guessing I've got 3ndo similarly to you :) xx

Yes i see. Do you know how long you was having an op for i was under for about 2 hours and the acrual op was 40 minutes my post med head heard😂 sometimes the time might indicate something hopefully you hear somethung by email/phone

I went under at just after 10ish (texted my boyfriend just before I left to have the anaesthetic to speak to him after it was done at 10.03) and then came around to have a drink of water at about 12.20? Not sure how long i had my op for or if that indicates anything tho as no one had any information as the doctor hadn't written any notes xx

Aw wow very simular to me i went under around ten to ten and wokw uo quarter to 12. Hope youre feeling ok! Keep us updated!😊

Glad it all went well for you. Like everyone else is saying rest up - my first lap went great and I was back to work after a couple of days but my most recent one was much more draining and it took me a few weeks to feel normal again. Listen to what your body tells you ❤️

Thank you :) ❤ I'm definitely gonna take it slow and not try and overdo it x

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