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Confused after colonoscopy yesterday

Morning everyone, hope you are all as well as can be!

I had a lap done in 2012 under a general gynae who found and removed a 'nodule' of endo on my bladder.

Since then I've gradually got worse and worse and after doing my own research and going back to my gp I've now been referred to a BSGE specialist centre. Upon examination there he suspected (as I have always suspected too with my symptoms) that it is possibly on my bowel. I do have blood in my stools when on my period and excruciating pain passing.

I'm booked in for a laparoscopy, cystoscopy and hysteroscopy next Thursday 14 jan.

My question is that I had a colonoscopy yesterday (which wasn't the nicest experience!) - and this came back clear. Does anyone know if it's possible to have bowel related endo but a colonoscopy come back clear?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

MM xx

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It depends on who's doing it . I had one in June and was told everything was completely normal. Since found out the endo is causing a severe narrowing of my bowel .

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Yes I've had two colonoscopies and a sigmoidoscopy and all 3 came back clear despite knowing about it via gynae. Either that or they saw it and didn't note Endo as I'd already informed them or it wasn't their area! Had a few docs say that before!


It's very rare for endo to penetrate through the bowel so these investigtions usually come back clear with a diagnosis of IBS often given. When you have endo affecting the outside of your bowel it causes inflammation at period time that causes irritation to the inside of the bowel that will often trigger IBS symptoms and blood with stools. But it doesn't mean you have endo on the inside. You probably have adhesions sticking your bowel to something that can cause excruciating pain when pooing as can nodules depending on where they are. Thank goodness you are in good hands now. x

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Thank you for your replies ladies, you've helped me understand it a bit better.

MM xx


An update from my lap last week, it's stage 4, left ovary, bowel and back of uterus full of adhesions and endo, nodule at the back (presumably recto vaginal area, although the Dr didn't exactly say that).

It was a sigmoidoscopy that I had that was clear and the gynea Dr said endo is either penetrating the full bowel above that or penetrating 2 out of the 3 layers of the sigmoid Colon, hence it not being picked up during the sigmoidoscopy.

I need surgery to remove all the endo plus a bowel resection/part resection in 3 months time.

Have to say it was worse than what I was expecting but really does make me think I'm in the best care now. Nobody has ever said anything about tubes/overies and in fact every scan I've had done I've always been told they looked ok, so that was the biggest shock.

I can't tell you how glad I am that I did my own research and asked for the referral to the BSGE accredited hospital, they know exactly what they are doing and am so grateful to them and to all the ladies on here whose storys I've read, especially reading the advice from Lindle, so thank you.



Hi I'm glad it went ok . How are you feeling now? I've got my op 3rd March. Having hysterectomy (due to adenomyosis), ovary removal, excision and possible bowel resection. Can't wait.


Hi Jean,

I was starting to feel a bit better until today and think my period is on the way. Bit confused as I was given Prostap injection to surpress everything for 3 months until my surgery date. Am assuming this will be my last period ?!?

Oh I forgot to mention that I was also told I had suspected adenomyosis too along with 2 fibroids which he said he couldn't remove as the adeno would make that difficult.

How did you get adeno diagnosed?

I've been wondering if all these symptoms were laying dormant whilst I was on the pill from the age of 14 till when I came off the pill in 2008 at age 26, I'm 34 this year. I've been suffering since I came off the pill and have only just got a firm diagnosis.

I bet you can't wait, hopefully it will make you pain free!

My last gynea told me that is the only thing that would help me, having a hysterectomy but Im still hopeful to have a family and at my age thought I was a bit young for that to be my only option. So glad I asked for a second opinion and really hope the op I'll have in 3 months time will alleviate some of my symptoms, then can start thinking about maybe doing ivf again.

We did 3 rounds of ivf which were unsuccessful and the reason they gave was poor egg quality, I'm now also wondering if that could be down to the endo affecting my left ovary which I was unaware of. Even throughout all those investigations it never got mentioned that my left ovary was stuck to my bowel!

So much has happened over the years and I feel like there are so many unanswered questions but am trying to stay positive that I'm now on the right track and now getting the best care!

I really hope you will feel better after your hysterectomy etc when you have it in March.

Take care.

MM xx


Hi had lap in July last year when surgeon said he suspected adenomyosis. It can't actually be confirmed until pathology after hysterectomy. I started on Zoladex , which is similar to prostap, in September. I actually started my period an hour before injection. Haven't had one since which soooo nice. I've been suffering since age 15 and was only diagnosed with endo in July. This only came about because we had been trying to conceive for 4 years with no success so was sent for ultrasound which showed a endometrioma on left ovary. Both my ovaries have completely had now. If gps had listened to me years ago I probably could have had children. Now it's to late for me. I wish you all the luck in the world in trying to conceive. Take care Hun .


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