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Post lap and high on codeine ☁️

So i'm almost two days post op, it was horrendous. I took over an hour to come back round from the anesthetic, I was in so much pain in my womb and my pelvic bone it was unreal. I full on sobbed with such a dry throat. They tried every drug, put me on oxygen and i slipped in and out of conciousness for three hours in the recovery ward; whilst the girls who were after me went home. I could hear all the nurses running around whispering, eventually they got hold of an emergency ward doctor who gave me morphine and buscopan; which made me feel much better.

Luckily i was able to drink loads, and they tried to make me pee on a bed pan, wow they are hard to use! I begged for a commode and it was the best pee of my life!

Three hours later i was taken to the ward, and had to stay in.

That night was horrific i had horrible hallucinations and didnt sleep a wink! And itched all over due to the drugs. The doctors and nurses were amazing, nothing was too much trouble. They even got me two teas at 2.30am!

Home now thank gawd! Hubs is waiting on me hand and foot bless him. Tried to come off codeine because it was making me emotional and crazy, but was so ill this afternoon im not back on them and soaring like a kite 😂😂

Sorry for the post, I just had to write down what happened to believe it.

And finally after two years of 'just relax it will happen' and 'its just a period get over it' I have endometriosis, what a relief to hear that, in a weird way. I have it on my right pelvis and left ovary. I need to book a follow up app in the NY with my fertility DOC.

Any tips on how to get rid of this gas? I've tried walking around, hot water bottle and peppermint tea?

Hopefully I feel better by next weekend for christmas! 🎅

Worried about work already, i think because i was so ill this weekend it has made me realise i cant do everything. I am going to ask to speak to occupational health and attempt to make reasonable adjustments. Anyone have any advice?

Sorry for the rambling!

Much endo love 💛💛

PS I love codeine 💜😂

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Hi sweetie x well done for getting through it ! Sounds like you had similar problems to me, but times a hundred.!!!

I had a reaction to the morphine came round panting in pain, couldn't talk, couldn't pee ( cystoscopy) spent ages in recovery and was eventually admitted and put on a drip. It's so horrible isn't it, it's always made out to be a tiny day procedure with tiny incisions but this op it's quite something!

The gas is awful. Move around frequently to stop it building up into attacks, peppermint oil shoulder massages, eat things that help you pass wind, use pillows to prop yourself up in bed. Mine went on the third day luckily.

I had no trouble with a one day a week wfh adjustment at my work even before my lap result, so good luck.

Go gently, rest up and don't get too partial to that codeine :)

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Oh wow, you went through the mill too then!

Yeah not such a small op, its only 2 days but this is crazy. I've heard lots of stories like oh you'll be fine after a few days and im like nope cant do anything.

I walked around the house yesterday singing row row row your boat trying to move the gas, but i think i was still high on anesthetic, morphine and codeine!

Oh thats great in regards to work for you! What do you do? Mines a little bit tricker, and I really dont know what im going to do, only I know i cant go on like this. Its too stressful.



Yes not such an easy op, I had mine 5 and half weeks ago and still not fully right! I came round in mega pain, crying ended up with morphine and urine retention and was also admitted over night. Went home with a catheter in the next day, thankfully peeing normally again now. Got an infection in my belly button, still bleeding (prob the mirena), Mirena strings missing, and a lot of abdo pain. This is no easy op, so take your time to get back on your feet. Sounds like you've been doing all the right thing to get rid of the gas, it will go soon. Try decreasing your codeine slowly, and make sure to drink plenty and eat well to avoid constipation. If you're concerned book in to see your GP, best to get on top of any probs before they take hold. Good luck.

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Aww u poor thing sound like uv had a time of it all I was giving morphine about an hour after I came round I was in so much pain they tried me on a bed pan but really uncomfortable so they wheeled me round to the toilet what a relief sadly I had to be kept in overnight as my heart rate went through the roof and had to be put on a drip peppermint tea is good for gas pain and moving around helped me with the gas pain I was dignosed with aheadions on pouch of Douglas and endometriosis in my womb also try to keep on top of the pain I found that my pain relief made me constapated so I drank lots of water and ate loads of fruit which made it easier for me to pass bowel movement wish u a speedy recovery get well soon and hope u have a good Christmas xx

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HiAbi, yes , it's 13 days since mine and I still get crazily fatigued. Due to go back to work tomorrow and having anxiety about it.

I work for a large corporate currently in projects. I was initially told I had to be in every day. But once they trusted me they were better about it and currently my project stakeholders are in Europe any way.

Current boss was great although he's a bloke kind of bloke so telling him was definitely an exercise in embarrassment for both of us. Start a new role though in a new year that's a promotion and a new manager so am worried about starting all over again, but with having this condition and a second bigger operation still hanging over my head.


Codine gave me the worst constipation of my life, be careful everyone's different.

Hope you recover quickly.xx


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