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What painkillers worked best for you post lap?


I’m coming up to 48 hours post lap and am struggling with pain, the doctor didn’t give me a prescription for any painkillers and I’ve just been using ibuprofen but I can only take so much a day. It’s more gas pains than anything and the constant bubbling feeling inside...I’m drinking peppermint tea, taking windeze and getting up to walk around every hour or so but just need some pain relief to sleep. Any ideas?

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Sounds like you need a prescription painkiller. I had co-codomol and it worked well. Try getting an appt / telephone consultation with your GP...you shouldn’t have to suffer! x

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Thanks I think I will give them a call today then and see if I can get a prescription drawn up because I’m very sore! X

You could try a heat pack or hot water bottle on your shoulder for the gas pain until you manage to get pain killers. Wont get rid of the pain but should ease it a little in the mean time. Hope you feel better soon!

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Yeah I’ve been trying the hot water bottle and it does help massively but my pain seems to get really bad just after I’ve eaten, I assume it makes the gas shift around again. I’ve got to hand it to my partner who’s been massaging my shoulders and getting very little sleep as I’m constantly up peeing.

Thanks x

I was sent hope with some Diclofenac which I understand is an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen but a lot stronger x

I was given dyhydrocodeine plus paracetamol after my lap and removal of large cyst xx

You can alternate Tylenol and Advil every two hours. Ring your surgeon they should have given you Percocet or codine

Hi I also had lap surgery 48 hours ago and experiencing exactly the same pain and discomfort and my hosp didn’t prescribe me with any painkillers either 😩 I really hope it eases up soon as the wind pain is horrendous! take care x

Hi guys, thanks for all the great responses...I actually got relief In the form of something very different, I hadn’t pooped since surgery so I picked up some milk of magnesia and had the laxative dose and lone behold not only did I go to the loo I didn’t stop pumping (much to my partners dismay) and by goodness I think Between burping and trumping I must of got rid of the trapped gas because I feel ten times better tonight and can lay so comfortably now! No painkillers for nearly the full day now.

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