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Period after lap

So I had a lap yesterday which showed extensive endo. I'm due on my period next week and I am panicking it's going to kill me. I've been to a and e before with the pain, it was embarrassing enough the first time I really don't want to have to go again. I pass out with the pain and can't keep anything down I'm literally terrified of getting my period. Anyone had their period so close to post lap?

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Did they so anything during the lap to try and help you, like put in a mirena or give you the pill? I also was having to go to A&E for pain relief prior to my surgeries. Please don't feel embarrassed if you need to go, though I appreciate how horrible and upsetting it is. Do you have decent pain relief you can use at home (something more than mefenamic acid/codeine/paracetamol)?


It was just diagnostic, I'm trying for a baby as well so obviously he didn't want to put anything like that in :( I have tramadol, codiene, oramorph but it doesn't touch the pain! :( I'm really worried!


hi. How are you feeling? I know exactly how you feel, you know its coming and that it's going to take you out ☹ . Really don't worry about needing to go to hospital it's what they are they for and in my experience have always been good at dealing with initial pain. Do you just take the tramadol on a need to basis? I was very bad back in march collapsed at home with an got rushed in by ambulance and the pain team said by taking it daily I would have a build up to deal with it when it did come and my last period was much more manageable, however this was advised as I was waiting for surgery ( been discharged today 😊) so it was a short term management and they have said to reduce it as I feel I can. Did they give you any advice after your op or are you waiting for a follow up appointment?

diet can help some people and holistic approaches to.

I hope your ok xx


Well I've got meloxicam as well they've said that's good for build up as the tranadol really takes it out of me. I've tried diet but I ended up losing way too much and my bp plummeted because of my anaemia caused by the weight loss. I can't win it feels :( I'm feeling okay today just incredibly anotional and worried about this period as the pains bad enough after the lap! It's good to know someone in the same boat! If I need to I suppose I'll have to go but being a nurse it's so so embarrassing! Xx


hi. How are you feeling today? Would it be worth going to see your gp for advice about possible pain management for your cycle? I was luckily enough to be seen by the pain team at my local hospital and they really took there time to work a plan out for me as I've got a few allergies and other issues not related to endometriosis. The tramadol did wipe me out to start with but as well but I know alot of people it doesn't agree with.

I can see how you would be feeling uncomfortable about needing to go to hospital, but I'm my experience of going in with my endometriosis pain I've always been treated with care and sympathy, on one occasion my mother in law was present and got a dressing down by the nurse looking after me after she'd commented to her we all have periods and I just need to get on with it - I thanked the nurse after as she's been a pain in the a##£ about it!!! I would hope that they would treat one of there own with even more respect and care.

take care 😊


I'm feeling groggy today! Not started yet but I can feel it coming the extra bloating and pre period pains have begun. I think stress of worrying about it is stopping t from coming! I think the idea about the pain team is really good, do I ask my GP to refer me or how do I go about it? I know what you mean some people really don't understand the difference and pain some women have


I had a period a week after and it was horrible. My bowels are effected terribly too so I had two days of hell. Lots of meds and heat is all you can do. I suffer excessively every month but it did ramp up a gear. Sorry I can't be more positive. We women are made of strong stuff 💪🏻


hi hope you can rest, have you tried warm baths to help you relax? I think stress does affect it and the people around you my husband won't agree to any meetings more than 20 minutes leading up to and during my period!!

I was in hospital when it was mentioned in passing by a young doctor to the consultant looking after me and I jumped on it, they were based in the hospital and by mine side taking history within the hour. Due to a few other non related endometriosis conditions they had to go away to check what they thought would be best. Next morning I had a more structured meds program and it has helped, I still had bad days I think I always will but by taking the pills all the time my next period didn't end with a 999 call and the police being called to break in as I was passed on the bathroom floor! I didn't even have the usual 5 days in bed. They gave me details to contact if I needed the program changed or reviewed. I think the starting point would be to see your gp and if they couldn't arrange it speak to your local hospital, I do hope they are present in every hospital as it did help and saw the bigger picture and wanted to know what my priorities were to get an improved quality life despite having chronic pain.

where are you based?

considering it affects a high number of women people have very little idea about but we have found the the bsge centre brilliant.



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