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Pain after period

I am getting pain just after the period recently (started last few months). I am wondering what pain this is. The pain is on the lower left hand side and giving me ovulating like pain. However it is too early for ovulation. I have a lot of adhesion on left side so I am wondering why I am getting adhesion pain after period recently. I don't take any painkiller for this pain as it is still not too bad but it beyond uncomfortable level and I am getting annoyed with it.

Is it adhesion building after period and giving me pain?

I used to have no pain after period. Between period and ovulation is my pain free slot but it is taken away.

Does anyone have sharp pain just after period (when bleeding finish completely), well before ovulation? Does anyone know what this is about? Is this endo growing pain? adhesion growing pain? or something else?

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I have pain like this ....i am awaiting a date for my diagnostic lap but at the moment i suspect that my pain is my bowel and caused by endo either on my bowel or somewhere else that would cause bowel symptoms as i have other bowel issues too.


Hi clairebebelfish Thanks for your reply

I got adhesion on my left side of bowel so could be causing that. I hope your lap goes well. Take care.




This has always been one of my biggest problems. For me it is due to the heavy internal bleeding I get with each period. This internal bleeding gradually sits low down (due to gravity) and takes 1-2 weeks longer than my period to be absorbed by my body. Blood is an irritant and until my recent surgery i had very bad endo low down on my left side and my ovaries were clamped down on my pelvis so this internal bleeding was causing a lot of irritation and pain to the endo there, which was already very inflamed due to just having my period, particularly my left side.


Hi hayls. Thanks for your reply. My endo was found on PoD on October lap. I have a lot of adhesion. I suspect there could be more endo under the adhesion (as Zoladex saved me from hell for a few months).

My pain after the period last only a few days at the moment. It goes away before ovulation pain comes. It could be a start of a something like yours or something different. I have a consultant appointment in the end of February so I will put on the question list.

Thanks for sharing yours

Please take care.



Hello Shukudai, I realize this is an old post but wanted toa ask how are you doing. I found your post searching for cases of "severe pain after period" and I found yours. Are you still experiencing this type of pain? Did you find any treatment for it? Any new diagnoses? you mentioned adenomyosis in a post... have you've been diagnosed with it?

Please write me something if you read this message. I am going crazy with the pain and antinflamatories work just a little bit.

Thank you!


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