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How to cure chronic endometriosis completely without recurring ?

Endometriosis was a chronic gynecological diseases,cuz,in the most time,women will not realize they have suffered from endometriosis diseases till they found they cant have a baby after many times ttc.

Then how to cure Chronic Endometriosis ?

By far,the popular endometriosis treatments were Surgical Treatment,Hormonal therapy ,Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and TCM Herbal Medicines.

Laparoscope is common procedure used to diagnose and treat endometriosis and used to remove implants and scar tissue. However, laparoscopy is a relatively but not absolutely safe operation. There are risks and complications during and after the surgery. During procedure, complications include uncontrolled bleeding,while the Hysterectomy surgery was to remove the uterus and cervix as well as both ovaries to make you cant get pregnant any more.

Hormone treatment works to block or reduce the estrogens production of body and put woman into an artificial pregnancy state or menopausal state, making endometriosis unable to continue growing and helping to relieve symptoms. Oral contraceptives and vaginal rings are usually used to control hormone. Please this therapy has no effect on adhesions and the endometriosis may return if you stop the treatment.

The main symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, but not all women have pain. Doctor may recommend aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and acetaminophen and so on. These drugs work to reduce pain, however, this is not a satisfactory long-term solution for many women, because painkillers don't make implant shrink and will also bring side effects .

Herbs Fuyan Pills For Chronic Endometriosis was the natural treatment for endometriosis,which can help to clear heat-fire, promot blood circulation and restore underlying imbalances which are often at the root cause of endometriosis.

TCM herbs was a patented product,safe,no side effects and will not recurring.

So,what's the best chronic endometriosis treatment ? Maybe different people will have different views,and this thread just for sharing and hope it will do a little help when chose a endometriosis treatment.

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I have read something on that Fuyan pill. It reeks of an "overpriced scam" and pill users have to be on a very strict diet. I simply don't buy the story of this "magical" Fuyan pills. Sorry, no.

Treating with Iodine and Colostrum might be a more sensible approach. I'm taking all of them diligently and is currently observing some improvements in the past 2 menses I had. I don't have that dreadful brain fog anymore!

I'm continuing my Iodine protocol and will post my results here in the coming months. I'm waiting on another 3 more cycles to see if it gets any better with pain level. Time will tell.


Hi Lenton34548644,

Currently, there is no cure for endometriosis. The different treatments available for endometriosis aim to reduce the severity of symptoms and improve the quality of life for a woman living with the condition. The type of treatment you receive for your endometriosis should be decided in partnership between you and your healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will consider many different factors when working out the best endometriosis treatment method for you, such as your age, the severity of endometriosis you have and the severity of your symptoms.

Endometriosis UK have an interesting information sheet which you might find useful:


Please be aware that TCM herbs should also be taken only under the guidance of a professional as everyone has a different "internal situation" and therefore, not everyone has the same "underlying imbalances".



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