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Hey guys,

we're a couple from Berlin and have our own endometriosis story. The short version: Lap done, (most) endometriotic implants removed, the hormone therapy left her extremely depressed and it didn't really help with the pain. So we decided to ditch the hormones entirely. A few months later, the painful periods came back (but her mood was back to normal, yay!). 

After trying different treatments and wanting to change both our lives for the better, we discovered nutrition has a huge influence on endometriosis. We read tons of books, blogs, and medical publications and found that you can actually help your body not only reduce or even get rid of the painful symptoms, but prevent it from growing new endometriotic implants!

One thing we really noticed about the endometriosis communities is that there is a lot of sadness and pain (duh!) when we find out that we have endometriosis. So we are all about turning this around to a positive challenge rather than a sad verdict!

We believe:

- You can get symptom free by changing your nutrition

- It's a couple issue, your partner is part of the journey

- You can have tons of fun and enjoy life (and food!!!)

So, right now we're collecting tons of amazing, delicious recipes that are tweaked so that they help your body to fight endometriosis. Our hope is to create our own youtube channel with recipe videos, a blog and, maybe one day, get a book going that can help millions of couples.

Here's the beginning of this journey: We're now looking for at least 10 women to join us as our first group to exchange and test ideas and recipes, try out new ways of improving your health and giving us and each other valuable feedback.

Who's with us?

Lots of love from Berlin!

Sandra & Ken

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Hi I  have been looking into diet for management of my endo/depression  too. I would be really keen to hear more about your approach and interested in joining the group. 

Thanks x

Morning, I have had for most of my life and over the years have changed my diet massively to try and reduce the symptoms. I would be really interested to join the group and hear you advice 😀

I'm really interested too.  I've just had a lap to remove endo but am so scared of it coming back already. 

I am also struggling with depression and pain. Really want to know if food can help me in this issue. Lots of love.

Hi Sounds great look forward to hearing about endo and diet. 

Sounds good, I would be interested to hear more about it x

Would love to find out more 

Hi I would like to join your group as I am suffering from endo and depression 

I would definitely be interested to hear of your progress.x

Hi, I have changed my diet and included supplements to lessen symptoms. I would love to find out more and to test your receipes. 

Sounds really nice! Would also love to join in this amazing group!

Am in

Yey I am also interested I am 41 have just had my first lap can they cut endo from my bowel and bladder I still recovering. I have never taken any hormones and was advised to have the mirena coil installed during lap but refused. The results of my lap is that I have adenomyosis which is pushing on my bladder and bowel and they advise a hysterectomy if symptoms continue. I do not want to take any hormones at present unless my standard of life gets really bad which I know a lot of ladies on here have found. Because of my age I think i would like to try other options and I luckily have already had my family and am self employed so can adapt my working life also to fit in with cycle. I have had Lyme disease since 2009 and have adapted my lifestyle and diet for that so am really up for experiementing with diets , excercise to see what helps before having to go the surgical route . 

Reading your story so similar to mine I am the same advised coil or zoladex but don't want to go on them yet as worried other symptoms be worse! Especially when trying to find work! I have tried to change everything in my life for last 4 years since long overdue diagnosis while having fertility tests! Had to have unexpected bowel resection after lap in October and still in shock about that and no relief from symptoms do would love to share advice tips and rants! Xx

I'm also on the endo diet so would be interested in finding out more.

I have been trying to change my diet to improve my endo so would love to join the group, as I have stage 4 endo on the cervix and bowel I am trying other ways to ease everything 

Hi guys!

WOW! My boyfriend and I are completely blown away by your wonderful response!!! This is so amazing, we honestly didn't expect such a great feedback in just a few days!

What we would love to do with you is to kick it off with a live Q&A/intro round, where we get to know each other a bit and we walk you through our preliminary "plan" of what we had in mind thus far! How does that sound?

In terms of time: We were thinking mid next week, Wednesday, around 6pm UK time (7pm CE(S)T) for a live Google hangout (we will post the details on how to get in here). For all those who can't make it around that time, would you please send us a PM here or an email to so that we can share the link to the video and other information afterwards if you're interested?

We're beyond excited to get started with all of you! 

Lots of love,

Sandra & Ken

Hi guys,

it took us a while to figure out a good way to broadcast this little intro round we're going to do on Wednesday, but now it seems like we have found a solution:

This is the link:


As we wrote earlier, on Wednesday around 6pm UK time (7pm CE(S)T) we would like to welcome all of you to our live hangout session to discuss the next steps! This youtube/hangout allows you to join in, comment below, ask questions which we hope you'll have!!

Do you have any questions until then? Please don't be shy and either message us here or send an email to!

Excited to see you guys on Wednesday!

Sandra & Ken

Hi guys, this is a FANTASTIC idea!!!! I would be useless at this, I have GERD and Acid Reflux so my diet is even further diet is ridiculously limited and as I'm going it alone, my gp won't refer me to a dietician and my hubby, well if it isn't deep fried or pizza he's not interested :( he's SO unfit and if I'm honest a bit chubby round the edges ssshhh don't tell him I said that hahaha he's a sensitive soul he got all the hormones and our roles seem reversed in a strange way...I sound crazy now and I've gone so far off the track I forget my point...PLEASE do this its an amazing idea and it will give other couples the opportunity to spend quality time together, at home, chilled out and comfortable. The biggest struggle can be getting out of the front door when pain or fatigue strike cooking and chatting is the perfect escape xx

Hi everyone,

the hangout livestream is starting in a bit.

If you can't make it, no worries you can watch it afterwards on our youtube channel. 

Here is your link to our session:

Excited to see you in a bit!

Sandra & Ken

Hey guys!

Thank you for joining us, we saved the video and uploaded it here:

Long story short: Let's kick this off by getting to know each other in terms of the endo stories a bit. For this purpose we will be sending out a questionnaire by the end of the week to everybody who wants in! For this, we need your names and email addresses – either just send us a message on here or email us to

Lots of love from Berlin!

Sandra & Ken

Hi. I would love to join you as I have just had a hysterectomy for endo/fibroids/polyps. Anyway, I am trying to abstain from HRT as my endo has been recognised as aggressive, which points to too much oestrogen.

I am therefore keen to eat the foods which don't feed endo, and pretty much like yourselves I am reading my way through copious amounts of hormone related books, blogs and research papers. Anything basically to inform my necessary dietary change.

Love from the UK!

Is it too late to join?

Hey guys,

thank you so much for reaching out to us and sorry about the delay, we took a few days off and are now really happy to see the responses!

What we did is create a survey as a starting point to monitor the status quo. It's right here:

If you want to join our group, please still just send us a message or email (healthyfoodgoodlife@gmail,com) and fill out the survey. If you have any feedback about the survey itself, please let us know!


Count me in been trying this for ages paid fortune to nutritionist and all her suggested pills and potions and no significant improvement so gave up as too restrictive and after emergency I wrk resection during lap for endo dietician there even agreed cutting out show good groups on endo diet not great But I highly believe in power if food as medicine so think be great to share info and tips anything that can help ease the pain and depression and isolation from this disease be fab xxx

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