Pain after surgery

Hi, I had my first lap 2 weeks ago today and recovery had been going well but today I woke up and my belly button was really raw and sore, it was also a bit crusty (too much info I know!). I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics but in the last few hours I have had a sort of shooting pain from the incision point down through to my pelvis...I'm a bit worried, has anyone else experienced this kind of things?

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  • Hi, I had something similar to this after one of my laps which turned into a very serious infection. I don't mean to scare you, but keep an eye on it and if you start to feel worse the. Might be worth calling 111 or whatever you think you need, to get checked out! Hope you feel much better soon x

  • Yes, I had it too. My belly button was infected. I carefully took q-tips and clean it out, Then cleaned it 2 times a day with peroxide or rubbing alcohol. It helped clean it up.

  • Yeah. My lap was 4 weeks ago and was back at docs on wed. Area around wound was really painfull and wound all crusty. My stitches had not disolved so doc said infection would get better if he took them out. Oh my god i was screaming in agony. Nearly passed out with pain but he got alot of puss out now a few days on with antibiotics its alot better. Keep a close eye on it and go back get stitches out if they dont disolve.

  • Hi Girls, you really do need to keep on top of theses infections, use simple soap to clean the navel as it has no perfume, had to use this before and after op, mine was a hysterectomy from Navel to Pubic as my fibroid was 16cmx9cm plus get the rest out with adhesion and ends. I have E-coli infection on my wound I am on fourth Antibiotic, my wound has opened up twice in two areas and I have a hole at the bottom which leaks fluid and All because of the infection, back every day for dressing changes. Look at your infections any more readness than before, any heat from the redness, any spreading onto your abdomen even whilst taking Antibiotics as they may not be the right one for your infection and get the GP to do a swab to confirm the infection do not let it get worse. It was because they had no leakage at first to swab on mine that They didn't start treating me correctly and I am nearly 5 weeks post op with continual wads of dressing every day, I should be getting back to normal right now. Oh by the way they said don't know where I got it from. I have private insurance and thought I would be safer with such a big OP. Look after your wounds. All the best. NIcola.

  • Hi ,

    I also had this after my lap, it turned out I had an infection and an abcess. Sorry I don't want to scare you but if it's sore and crusty Definatly get it checked out. I thought it was normal to hurt and left it until the point where I couldn't move I was in hospital 3 times over 2 months due to the infection . So if anything doesn't feel right get it checked.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks for the help everyone :) I ended up at the out of hours doctors the other day as the infection had got worse, the doctor was lovely and reassuring, thinks it's just a superficial skin infection, not anything too bad. He gave me some antibiotic cream and that teamed with the antibiotics my GP gave have helped to clear it up!

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