Leg problems after surgery

Hi all,

As some of you may know I had my laparoscopic op for removal of endo, ovaries, cysts and prolapse repair on 28/12/16. Was released from hospital two days later.

Since returning home, the slight pain I had in my groin on the right side has developed into a bothersome pain (despite being on morphine and other nerve blocking and pain killing drugs) and I'm finding controlling this leg a problem. Walking is giving me a sharper pain down to the knee and every now and again, as I step forward with this leg, it veers off across my body and it has made me fall over. I am also experiencing a lot of numbing and pins and needles sensations in both legs.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar or if anyone could offer advice. Personally I'm hoping it's just due to swelling or similar due to the op and will settle on its own?

Any advice, links or info would be much appreciated as this is something I wasn't told might happen at pre-op apts but I don't want to bother the hospital or out of hours doctors if it's nothing to worry about 💜

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  • My advice would be to ring the hospital now and tell them what's going on.

  • I may contact my friend who is a nurse on that ward and ask her advice too. Was interested (and hopeful!) to hear that others had had similar and are now fine, and that it's nothing to worry about. Thanks for responding, will see how today goes x

  • I understand that you are looking for a positive answer, but to be honest with numbness that makes you fall over I think it would be irresponsible of someone on a forum to tell you it's fine. Please ring the hospital and get proper advice.

  • Ok I will. Thank you. Maybe just fear that's been making me put it off but I will go and ring them now 😊

  • Please do - better to be safe than sorry. x.

  • Can't believe it! I'm so embarrassed and also find it hilariously funny.

    Was sent to see a locus GP regarding 'the leg'. He spoke with the surgeons who told him it is very common to have these problems. Especially since my op was 5 hours. BECAUSE...when they do the prolapse repair they need your legs in stirrups stretched wide and you are placed like that at the beginning of the op so they don't have to reposition during surgery thus saving time once incisions made.

    I'm so embarrassed that I've been lying 'legs akimbo' for five hours and that this is why my leg is wonky. It's a weird feeling to know that I was laid like that for so long. But funny that it's an injury from spreading my legs when I haven't done that in a long time! 😱😂

  • If it's worsening and given its still early days then I would call them to rule out a reaction to medication, anaesthetic infection or clot. Better safe than sorry and you will have peace of mind then as theyll say its normal and why and you'll know it's nothing to worry about for x days or they will call you in for a quick check for peace of mind. X

  • Sorry on mobile, hadnt seen the reply, Glad it's for a reassuringly innocent reason ;) look after yourself x

  • Hey no worries. Thanks. Had the creepiest locus ever. Don't know if you saw 'Rillington Place' but the doc reminded me of Reg Christie. Having him tell me I'd had my legs open too long was just hilarious!

    How are you doing? Xx

  • Hey Greeda x the whole program freaked me out must have been odd!

    Not so great really. Trying to tough it out as best I can. Hope you are firmly on the mend. X

  • Thinking of you. It's not the easiest thing in the world to have to deal with. One day you can feel full of life and energy, then boom! Nothing in the tank, hurts like hell and emotions running riot.

    Feel a bit weird with the whole legs splayed for five hours thing. Maybe I was just in a poor frame of mind that night too. But he was very like Reg. Grasped the upper part of my arm as I came through the door and almost pushed me towards a seat! Half expected him to be ready with a belt when I sat down ....😱😂

    Always here if you want to talk x

  • Would have been enough to unsettle me. I'm still trying to get my head around the bowel surgeon who was wanting to do a hysterectomy just to give himself operating room. There was a bit of the grandiose megalomaniac about him. Only hope he was telling the truth not just bragging.

    Back in ol Blighty now. First time ever I've asked to leave somewhere sunny early. Focus is first on surviving first day at work and in new team. Then will be time to take head out of sand and start dealing with round two.

    Are you starting to feel better in yourself?

  • I'm sure there is a way to check on your surgeon through the NHS website? If it's not what you want then tell him that. You don't have to accept anything that you don't want. I know it's hard to remember that we are the ones in control, particularly with our history, but we are! You may still have to sign a consent that, once the op is happening, they might have to do it anyway but you certainly don't have to agree to any treatment option you don't want beforehand.

    I'm doing ok. Just been to the doc because I'm still in a lot of pain and have a very slight infection in my tummy button. Pretty much got a friendly ticking off for being impatient with myself. It was one of the nice gp's from my surgery and he kind of laughed and said that if I was 6 weeks post op and still in this pain there may be an issue, but as its only two weeks tomorrow I'm just expecting too much from myself too soon. I'm quite lucky and only really have one GP who is a bit curt out of 7 in the surgery. Going stir bloomin crazy though!

    Take a week or two to settle in at work before you think about dealing with the health stuff. No point taking on too much stress at one time. You have to be kind to yourself and remember that self preservation is the key.

    Hugs x

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