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Pain in right side


Hey all... hope everyone is all well, Im diagnosed stage 4 endo currently waiting for op I’m on a lot of painkiller and morphine for my pain .. looking for a bit of advice not sure if to call nhs 24 or not I have had right abdomen pain all day no painkillers have even touched the pain it’s a diff pain from my endo pain it’s like a constant stitch... starting to feel very sick but it could be because I’ve had a lot of pain medication.. it’s worse when I’m walking too anyone any ideas of this will be related to endo pain I want to say it’s whet eny gallbladder is more upper than lower xx

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Hey! I have the EXACT same symptoms!! Have you had your appendix removed? I had mine out last year and the pain feels just like my appendicitis but obviously can’t be because I don’t have one any more 😂 the strongest cocodamol doesn’t touch it for me and it’s a lot worse after I eat? When you’re walking does it feel like the vibration/ricochet from taking the step makes your pain worse? So sorry you’re going through this! Maybe phoning up is a good idea just to see what they say. I’ve been to a&E with my pain and they just sent me home with cocodamol and didn’t really care xx if you do phone let me know what they say? x x

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Hi , no I haven’t had it removed.. managed to do a full shift still in agony with it.. it jus came randomly , took more pain relief meds and a hot water bottle to bed if it’s still like this tomorrow or if it wakes me up during the night I will give them a call... it’s so hard to tell if it to do with endo or something else.. it’s a lot worse walking like you described like vibration.. xx

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Oh god you’re a trooper!! Yeah I completely understand! I hope you get it sorted ASAP x x

Hi LolaLo3

Yes, this pain is probably related to the endo. I had also endo stage 4 and the pain was constant in my left side in my case You will feel a lot of much of enhancement after the op. Hope you get better soon.

have you had your gallbladder out ? i had a golf ball pain after removal which flared up every now and again however in Dec 17 it was like a pulled muscle that just kept stretching . ended up in hospital all tests done looking for gall stones but nothing found. they now say it was endo related. flared up 3 times with sickness . x

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