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3 weeks post lap - cramps like contractions

Hi lovelies,

I had a treatment lap three weeks ago. Has taken me much longer to get up and about than I planned but definitely turned a corner this week. I know they lasered off a lot of the endo but my GP still doesn't have the details from the surgeon.

I am planning to go back to work next week. I also had a mirena coil fitted but am continuing to take the pill (as advised by doc) to keep periods away.

My general pain level is now like a bad period pain, but I'm kind of used to that with the endo.

I am hoping that his will just get better each day.

But about 8+ times a day, I have these horrendous cramps that are like contractions. Honestly I have not experienced anything like it since I had my son 14 years ago. My whole lower tummy just tenses up and I get an instant pain in my back. They take my breath away and I feel instantly queezy and they are just so painful. They have brought me to tears.

On top of this, when I wee and my bladder contracts, I get a searing pain in my left side.

I have had urine test and came back clear. The only way to ease it is to push on my left side really hard if I need to go.

Is this normal? Have others had this? I'm also unsure of just how I am going to deal with the cramps and my job. I don't want to make my colleagues uncomfortable, but if one happens I just can't hide it.

I've been given 500mg Naproxen and Co-codamol that take the edge off, but the cramps steam through those meds.

This site has been brilliant over the last three weeks to see the support and advice out there. Any help or thoughts would be fab.

Thanks ladies. Xxxx

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