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6 weeks post lap and cyst removal, help?


I had an emergency laparoscopy and ruptured cyst removal exactly 6 weeks ago, I had been very ill for a while before the op, being sick and fainting frequently, even crashed my car into my fence :( not smart I know!!

I was in hospital for 3 days in total as I was in a lot of pain and had a nasty reaction to the anaesthetic.

I work as a nursery nurse so quite a full on job and I went back to work this Monday on reduced hours even though my doctor wasn't 100% on me going back yet but I'm bored at home, I'm waiting on a ultrasound scan to check everything is okay inside.

However since going back to work on Monday I have had bad pains in my ovaries and through my scar where they removed the cyst, I'm also having bad back ache and I'm exhausted and emotional all the time! I'm thinking maybe my doctor was right and I'm not 100% ready to go back yet, do you think it would be best for me to stay off until after my ultrasound? How long did it take you to recover after a similar op? I feel like it's taking me ages... I do have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia so that's not helping.

I hate being off sick and feel like I'm letting everyone down :(

Thank you :)

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Hi darling u poor thing xxxx.

I wouldn't be worrying about anything or anybody else right now. U just look after urself and that body of urs. Dnt feel bad if ur not well ur not well xxx.

I completely understand how you feel as i can sometimes feel like im letting ppl dwn. But theres just not much we can do. My last lap took me over 6 weeks to recover. And was told it would take only 2weeks. Yeah right!!! Im now booked for my next lap 2nd feb and hav taken 4weeks. However i hav come to terms and accepted this illness that i will look after myself to what ever it may take.

Hope u feel better soon darling 😙

Lau118 in reply to lfb1

Thank you for your reply :) I thought it wouldn't take me long to recover but I was wrong! Maybe I will go and see my doctor tomorrow and see what she says! Probably "I told you not to go back yet" lol.

Good luck with your op in Feb! Take as long as you need this time :)

lfb1 in reply to Lau118

I knw its very fusterating. Thank u my darling. Keep us posted on ur recovery xxxxx big kisses.❤

Afsoon in reply to lfb1

Have you had pain and swelling after 6 weeks?

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pinkbubble in reply to Hidden

Hi sorry to hijack this post but you seem really clued up i was only diagnosed 4 weeks ago and haven't had my post op yet, my discharge notes say on diagnoses endometriosis & endometrioma i thought it was same thing, but you mention it above and i get the impression it's different, what's the difference. Thanks and sorry for hijacking again x

Hi endometriomas are cysts caused by endometriosis.

Thanks nothing was explained after op just got told yes you have endo here's your zoladex now off you go x

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pinkbubble in reply to Hidden

Thankyou i have so much to learn with all this x

pinkbubble in reply to Hidden

Sorry my post below was for you i put it in wrong bit x

Hi all

Jumping on this post as I’m currently nearing 6 weeks post surgery where I had excision surgery to remove my endometriosis

I have been back at work nearly 3 weeks but struggling with pain in my tummy and back with quite a lot of bloating. Has anyone else experienced it taking this long to heal? To be honest I thought I would be a lot better by now

Thanks for any help

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