Contraction like pains

Hi, this is all new to me. I have been having pain during my period for the last 3 or 4 cycles. The pain is like a contraction and sometimes makes me rush to the loo for a poo. I also have this pain when I am on the toilet. This month (right now) I am experiencing pain like a poker up my bum, it takes my breath away and has been going on all day. I am just taking ibroprofen, paracetamol and buscopan, it's not helping much. A few weeks ago I finally got to see my gp who is referring me to have an internal ultrasound. I have read up on endometriosis and think this is what I am experiencing.

Does anyone have any advice to help the pain I am in right now, I have a hot water bottle and am just laying on the sofa with intermittent pain. Thank you

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  • hi. It does sound like endometriosis pain so I hope you get seen quickly. Everything you've mentioned for is good, might be worth going back to gp to see if something stronger can be prescribed whilst you wait for your appointment. I have endometriosis and I do find what I eat affects my pain, gluten, wheat, sugary treats and to much dairy all seem to make my pain alot worse so worth seeing if something your eating makes your pain worse.

    hope your pain ease's quickly.


  • Thank you for replying, that sounds like a snapshot of my diet. So far it is only on day 2/3 of my period, I hope it doesn't get worse.

    I'm currently breastfeeding my daughter who just turned 2, she has her own health issues as well as being very clingy. So because of this I will have to be careful what I take in the way of painkillers. On the other hand I can't carry on like this.

    Does anyone know whether the ultrasound will be pointless, do I need to push for a gynecologist referral? X

  • hi. How are you feeling today? I hope it's settling. Have you tried yoga stretches? That used to help with my back pain alot but I'm not allowed to do it at the moment. I loved breastfeeding our daughter, she's know nearly 6 going on 16 with the tantrums to match! Ultrasound scans can be helpful to find possible cyst and areas that might be of concern. I've found it depends on the person doing it as to how helpful it's been experience really pays off with it and some will talk you through what they are seeing and others won't. Id push for a referral anyway as with a lo you don't want to be struggling every month.

    good luck. Xx

  • I have these symptoms for years. I've been convinced I'm having a baby many times due to the similarity in the pains! I eventually went back on the contraceptive pill and this helped with my pain.

  • I'm a lot better today. Yesterday the cramps were all day. Today I have only had 2 or 3. I do feel very tender though and worried to go to the loo in case it happens again.

    I may phone the Dr to ask if they can refer me to the gynecologist while I wait for the ultrasound​. I also need to write down how it felt and how severe it was, last month there was nothing until my next period I I want to be able to describe it properly. I was layed up all day yesterday and was good for nothing. If that happens on a day when I have school runs I'm going to really struggle.

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