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3 weeks post lap - sex

Hey Ladies,

Not sure what forum to post this on, it's probably more suitable for a sexual health board but I thought I'd try here first.

I had a laparoscopy on November 2nd 2016, they didn't find any endometriosis which I have mentioned on a previous post already.

Nonetheless, I still had the laparoscopic procedure.. I've read through all the information the hospital gave me and I know that it reccommends for a minor procedure to wait 10-14 days before sexual intercourse, or 4 weeks if you've had a more complicated procedure.

To cut the story short, on 24th Nov I had sexual intercourse for the first time since the laparoscopy, and since I have had vaginal bleeding when going to urinate, it's quite light and is fresh blood, I am just wondering if this could at all be related to the lap, and if it was too soon for my body. Or if it could be something else which I need to investigate into and see a doctor about?

I don't see any way of it being my period as I am on the mini pill desogestrol, which has stopped my periods completely since around June, even after the lap I didn't experience much bleeding at all and haven't had a period since.

Is there any advice you ladies can give, I'm thinking this is probably not the right forum but any help would be appreciated hugely!

Thanks in advance,


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Probably TMI but how hard are you having sex?

Vigorous thrusting on the cervix can lead to bleeding.

Also were you aroused?

Upon arousal the vaginal canal lengthens and the uterus rises, the vaginal canal when not aroused is about 3 inches while the average length of a penis is 5.3 inches (TMI) this can result in an issue.

The vagina also produces lubrication from the Bartholins glands and the cervix if you don't have enough lubrication it can result in tearing of the vaginal walls or vulva which will heal in 3 days.

But improper lubrucation can be aided by either foreplay or buying a personal lubricant, I like KY sensitive and a natural one that my physio uses (I'll check online for it).

Did you use a condom? Infections can cause bleeding too.

You can also do a self examination, bring a mirror up and look at everything check for an tears, redness, discharge.

Insert a tampon for 10 min and see where the blood is coming from if it's above it's your cervix, the side your walls.

Are you peeing after sex?

This is very important since the motion of sex can result in bacteria from your vagina going into your urethra.

Have you had a Pap smear? Been vaccinated for HIV?

I'm having the same problem except my blood is old.


I wouldn't worry too much if the bleeding is very light and settles down in a couple of days. We all heal at different rates and there are many variables to healing. Stress or infection (anything from a cold to wound/surgical infection) can slow down the healing process as the body is using healing to kill off germs as well as actually healing. The notes from the hospital are based on average healing times and don't take into account anything else that may be going on with you (chronic illness, stress etc). If it hasn't settled after a few days then a visit to the GP would be worthwhile, even if it does just put your mind at rest.

I guess this reply is probably too late for you and have answered for anyone reading who may have similar issues.

Hope everything has settled down now and you are able to get on with your sex life without any troubles ☺️

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Thank you lovely, still having some issues so really unsure what is going on with my body atm! will probably be going to the gp soon x

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I had sex the same length of time after my lap and had exactly the same symptoms and a lot of pain even though my husband was incredibly gentle, slow and did not penetrate far. (Apologies for the TMI).

I've not let him try again since but am pretty confident it was the lap as it was different pain to my normal dyspareunia.

Of course if it persists and you are concerned do seek advice. X


Hey sorry for late reply, I had the exact same, it was very gentle so was really concerned and have never had any sort of symptoms after sex before, so it was a real shock. definitely think it was down to the lap as have been fine since until recently when coming off the pill etc, bit odd but if it happens again think i'll definitely ask the doctor.. xxx

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I've read all the replies. and I had the same thing happen but it was just randomly not after laparascopy. the docs investigated my cervix and found cervical ectropion (cells on the base become cells that are usually found further up, they rupture and bleed more than the usual ones there, just even a gentle touch) it's looked at in a similar way to a smear, possibly worth asking about?

Oddly enough I was fine after 5 days from the lap, but we went slow and I didn't feel like doing much so it was more a being close emotionally thing - I'm soppy!


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