Spotting six months after hysterectomy

Hi I've posted about this last month........

I am currently spotting and I'm now six months after my hysterectomy. I'm getting spotting each month like my body is still in a cycle. I still have constant lower abdo pain and right sided pain from my kidney to my groin. I also have lower back pain that goes all the way down my left leg and my left leg is slightly swollen at the thigh area. Does anyone know what this means as I'm desperate to have less pain. Thanku xxx

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  • You need to get it checked 6 months post op, hopefully you had the "Vault" closed with the op? are you lifting anything heavy? not everyone goes by the book and heals by the book

  • Hi I was checked last month and apparently things were healing well. My gp thinks it's because I still have endo, I seem to spot each time I would have been due a period. My right ovary was left stuck down and my physio says my right side is full of adhesions and nodules from my kidney area down to my groin. Xxx

  • Adhesions can be removed too but I think you need to fully recover from the first op first.. Surely they have given you some pain relief to take to keep things at bay until they can go any further with yu.

  • Hi, my GP has put me on amitriptyline, gabapentin and co-codamol for the pain, he also referred me to physio and the pain clinic which my first appointment is next week. Gynaecology have discharged me and left me alot worse than I was before😭 xxx

  • Claire - have you got the operative notes yet? The nodules your physio refers to will be 'knots' in your muscles from tension not endo nodules. These can give a lot of pain as can adhesions but in view of the extensiveness of your surgery but with bowel, bladder and possible ureter involvement there is still a good chance you have had some endo missed. What is happening about the BSGE referral?

  • I was treated at a BSGE centre 😞 I'm waiting for a second referral to see what's going on xxx

  • Pathology = uterus small fibroid but otherwise fine, tubes unremarkable, cervix mild chronic inflammation xx

  • No adenomyosis or endometriosis present on any of the above tested xx

  • Hi did you have a complete hysterectomy - ovaries, tubes and cervix removed as well as uterus?

    I had a total hysterectomy 6 months ago for endo, Adenomyosis etc Had a vault haematoma 12 weeks post op where I had bleeding for 3 weeks. Since then I have pain left side groin which goes through to back and I have nerve pain down left leg. I also still have pain on right groin which is where I had uterus problems from another op (uterine abalation). Uterus was removed during hysterectomy. I feel like I still have endo and the pain is keeping me awake and affecting my job. Saw my Consultant for my 6 month review and he did not want to know and discharged me with out examining me. Just told me to see GP for pain relief. His attitude was disgraceful and I just don't know what to do either. Why are we treated so badly? I am thinking of trying the hystetectomy U.K. Site to see if I can get any advice. Please message me if you would like a chat. 😀

  • Hi, I had uterus, tubes and cervix removed. I've kept my ovaries but my right ovary is stuck down. I've had more bleeding today so I will speak to my GP on Tues. Where are you being treated? Xxx

  • I had bleeding 3 months after op and scan showed a vault haematoma. Bleeding stopped after three weeks but vault pain is still there and was horrible yesterday. I was being treated at Southampton. How about you? I really hope you get some answers. Did you have endo? My left ovary was fine but Cinduktant insisted on removing it and my healthy cervix "incase the endo returns". am seeing GP on Tuesday as need to be sorted by someone who cares!!

  • Hi I was treated in Cornwall. What I found strange is I'm spotting each month as in its like a cycle. I don't understand why as I only have my ovaries. My consultant said a couple of months ago my uterus didn't have adenomyosis so I'm a bit upset I had the hysterectomy. What diagnostics did you have to diagnose adenomyosis as I didn't have any apart from he saw it on my second lap xxx

  • Oh my - that sounds horrendous what you have been through xxx

    I have constant right side pain, pain in my groin, pain in back and down my left leg. Pathology showed my uterus didn't contain adenomyosis it just had a small fibroid. I'm confused why my right ovary was left stuck down and I have no idea what it's stuck to. I'm hoping that my gp'S referral back to gynaecology will give me some answers as to what is going on inside my body and hopefully a treatment plan. Thank you so much for sharing your experience xxx

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