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Anyone had good experience with mirena coil?

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I am on the waiting list for my first lap, if they find and diagnose endo I will be having this removed (by lasers, I think) and a coil inserted. I start my teacher training in Sept so I'm hoping for a cancellation this summer. I'm slightly worried about having the coil fitted as I've read quite a few people having pain related problems - so I'm not sure if to play safe and have the implant in, as I've had this before so know what to expect.i can't afford to wait 6 months to give the coil chance to settle down if it's affects with my studies and being on placement, some days I struggle to stand up straight.

Has anyone had the coil (or implant) and it's helped? If so how long did it take for it to settle down after the lap? And advise would be very helpful

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I have a mirena coil it was fitted last December it took about 3 months for my periods to settle down the most disappointing thing that I found was that it didn't help with the pain at all in fact I would say it's slightly worse,my side effects have been very few (I seriously considered having it removed because of the pain side) but stuck with it and I am now happy with it.If you have had the implant before and it worked I would go for that as you know what to expect,a lot of people have problems with the mirena coil but some people find that it works really well but 6 months can feel like a long time if you're suffering.I hope this helps.


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Hi Cupcake. I've just had an ovary removed due to a large cyst, but I was having lots of pain relating to fibroids and endometriosis. My consultant fitted the mirena coil at the same time as my surgery, which was last Friday. I'm still recovering from the operation, but so far so good. If you like I can keep you updated as time goes on and my body recovers. My consultant, who I built up a good relationship with and now trust, really recommended it, so I'm hoping for the best. Kim.

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Hi there,

I had 10 years of amazing results with the Mirena tbh. Once it settles & this can take a few months, I had no bleeding & mostly free from pain for the 10 years. Even though it took a couple of months to settle for me, I was still able to work full time & care for my 2 boys.

Having it done during a lap removed the pain of having it inserted too, as that was awful!

Good luck, hope it helps you this much too, worth a shot X x


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I have the Mirena Coil I've had it since January 2015 and it's been great for me it's improved my sex life as sex is no longer uncomfortable for me, I still do get some pain from time to time but nothing like how it was! It works for some people and others say it's awful, it does take 2-3 months after insertion for everything to settle down.

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Hey, i had my lap 5 weeks ago and had the mirena fitted. Ill be honest the last few weeks have been hell the mirena caused me so much pain and im still bleeding. But the cramping has now come down to a much more manageable level and feels as if it will go away completely soon maybe over the next few weeks. Im sticking with it because i hear it can help with preventing returning endo. I personally wouldnt use it for contraception only because ive been through so much grief with it, id opt for the pill or implant, but if it does help with the endo it might well be worth it and it can be easily removed at any time if it does turn out to be too much of a hassle. I have heard with some women it can do wonders X

Hiya, I don't want to scare you but........

If you have a look at my posts my problems started with complications from having the mirena coil fitted. I had very severe cramping from the day it was fitted. After numerous calls to the place it was fitted and visits to my doctor, six months after having it fitted I finally managed to get someone to check it. It was found to be incorrectly placed close to my cervix and i also had an infection - they treated me for pid which I have recently found out after getting copies of my medical notes. This was 4 years ago and I am still in constant pain. Around 12 months after this I eventually had a referral to gynaecology who thought a diagnostic lap would be beneficial - I had the lap in Nov '13 and it was found I had endo, I then had this treated in a secondary lap in April '14, after the operation in April '14 my consultant diagnosed adenomyosis and advised a hysterectomy. I had the hysterectomy April '16 and the pathology showed no adenomyosis and that I only had a small fibroid. My consultant said I had a chocolate cyst on my right ovary which he treated, I also had a stent fitted from my right kidney to my bladder for 6 weeks. I have continued to have more pain after each operation than before. I suggest that you have a good read of complications that can be associated with having the mirena coil fitted, not everyone will have complications but it is definitely a risk. Only you can decide if it's the best thing for you.

Sorry for the essay xxx

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I'm afraid my experience was awful but please don't let that put you off. I think it's important to trial new things yourself. My biggest issue was the pain I got in my breasts. It was agony and I couldn't even be touched. I think you should have a go but only trial it for 3-6 months. My doc wanted me to keep it in for ages but I just knew it wasn't working for me. You know your body so you make the call.

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Hi Cupcake,

I have just had mine removed after 2 yrs (we are now trying for a baby) I had mine inserted during my cyst removal in oct 14, I had zoladex injections at the same time so my periods went straightaway.

I have had a good time of the coil, very light and minimally painful periods, mood fine, skin good. Only down side, sex, if hubs hit the coil we both knew about it, it wasn't often though.

Although Zoladex helped by having no periods the rest of side effects just made me horrible to everyone with my moods and the other side effects where just as awful.

I hope this helps, but do what is best for you. :)

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I had the mirena inserted in March, tbh the worst part of it was the insertion which you'll be asleep for! If you look at my posts you'll see Everything has changed for me for the better since I got it! I know it's not for everyone but it's done me the world of good. Good luck! 😊 Xx

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Thank you all so much for your help & apologise for the delay - I'm having a bad day today. It's giving me something to think about and I'll do some more research, I want to be prepared incase I'm called in this summer.

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So I’m going to be brutally honest here so stop reading now if you have a weak stomach.

Personally overall it’s made my life so much better. There have been ups and downs but I was so anti-coil after a previous experience in my younger years. I take that all back now and do not read all the negative. People tend to post about problems more than positives.

So I had it fit 28th April during lap. I was graded at stage 4 severe endo, multiple endrometriomas removed, riddled in adhesions and 5 hours op time which was only meant to be an hour - it’s still on my bowel and bladder.

I’m not going to lie, the coil has been a rough ride for me but I’m am feeling the benefits now.

So positive first:

- minimal bleeding

- no periods now

- no spots

- no fatigue

- no crippling belly pain

- iron levels back to normal after years of iron tablets and at one point infusions

- swelling episodes lessens

- no more sick days from work

- skin overall feels better, itching episodes lessened

- sex life improved (there is a but..... )

- mood swings bettered

Overall there has been significant improvement however; I will go into the negatives now.

It’s taken me over 12 weeks of preserving with the below to get where I am now but if you stick it out like I did instead of casting it off it may work. I promised myself I would give it 6 months. If I was still not happy after 6 months I would have it taken out. So let’s go, negatives;

- I have literally worn panty lines most days since having it fitted.

- mucus, now let me tell you, this was the one thing that Would have made me have it out. It was vile. Imagine a bad cold, green mucus literally falling out of sporadically for weeks and weeks and weeks. If you read how the marina actually works it’s all to do with said “mucus”. You can do your own google routine for this. There was also blood within this mucus every so often which I think was kind of like my body saying hey mrs we need a bleed here now. This hasn’t happened now for 6 weeks. When I went to the GP for coil check she was happen with it but did say oh yeah I can see mucus all over the coil string - yeah that grimmed me out, but she said it will calm down which it has substantially now. I am still wearing panty liners but there is only smearings now which would just be like normal ovulation discharge.

- sex ..... so my sex drive has increased Jesus I am like a horny goat with involuntary jumping movements 😂 I don’t know who I think I am but I am defiantly throwing some moves out there at the moment and releasing the inner porn star - you can take his as negative or positive! With this. There has been incidents where as soon as we start there is a bit of bleeding and he has departed with some residue, luckily he isn’t Squeamish so this didn’t faze him but I’d say it was happening every other time. But only the first time if I was going for the hat trick 😂 . Regardless I am not sure if this is endo related or coil either way I am good to go now with no risk of accidents occurring - 2 kids later.

- anxiety - after 6 weeks off from a demanding job I was very stressed upon my return. I did get odd occasions of anxiety but I can’t tell if this relates or not given the stressors of life

At the time the negatives have got me down, especially the mucus issue because I felt unclean on all the time but perseverance has paid off for me.

Don’t read all the negatives. There is far more negative online than positive! This is coming from someone who had a previously bad coil experience. What works for one may not work for the other but right now my life is so much better for having the lap and coil. Who knows what the future holds but right now I am just enjoying living my life better after previously being ill for 2 weeks every 4 weeks! I will require more surgery at some point I suspect but that will be thought about when I start flaring again xx

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