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2nd lap - advice needed

Hey everyone,

I've just been referred for my second laparoscopy, and I wondered if anyone could give me some advice about hormonal treatments for afterwards..

On my first lap, I was advised to try the Mirena coil, which I did and it unfortunately didn't agree with me at all and I had to have it removed.

I've tried several pills - I can't take the combined pill due to migraines but have tried cerazette, noriday and there was another I can't think of the name of - and I have had issues with every one I have tried (headaches, thrush and one of them made me feel angry constantly)

Has anyone had experience with the 3 monthly injections or Zoladex? My consultant mentioned that this may be worth trying?

I need to do something to try and get this endo under control it has only been a year since my last lap and I don't want to be doing this every year :(

Thanks in advance! X

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Hello Amy. Others may be able to advise about experiences with pills but unfortunately all combined and progesterone ones are likely to have the same effect on you. GnRH agonists such as zoladex can only ever give temporary relief and endo will return after you stop if there is any left in. So as you can't tolerated hormones it's going to be especially important that all your endo is excised this time. Are you being referred to a specialist BSGE centre - if not is it advisable?


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