Do I need to see my GP about getting a 2nd Lap?

Hi everyone,

Not been on here for a long time as not really had to worry about my endo. You see last time I had concerns about it was because I wanted to have a baby. After my 1st Lap about four years ago to get my diagnosis of endo I started trying more or less straight away and got pregnant straight away. We were very lucky but unfortunately had a miscarriage. We tried again three months later and again got pregnant straight away and now have my beautiful 2yr old daughter. Again extremely lucky.

Now were trying for baby No. 2 and have been now for five months with no joy. And I know it's not that long but I'm devastated and worrying so much that it may never happen. I am also now 35 which is also a worry for me. And we have really been trying hard too, lol. I was told that my left tube was blocked so now worried maybe my right tube is too. I also had to have a C-section so worried if that's caused problems. Has anybody else had a similar experience to this? Has anyone had problems with endo caused by a C-section?

I really don't like the thought of having to have another lap but thinking maybe I should go to my GP about it. And then I'm wondering if they will even offer me one? Anybody else found they've needed a second one? Was your GP's helpful in getting it sorted out?

Thanks so much any help and advice would be really appreciated. xxx

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  • My story is similar to yours. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and as a result of pain following the miscarriage endometriosis was diagnosed. I had it removed via laparoscopy (this was in Canada) and got pregnant about 9 months later (IMO due to the extensive acupuncture treatment I received). I also had my baby by C-section. I don't think that having a C-section affects endometriosis, no one ever told me that.

    When we tried for our second baby it took really long as well and I was told that my endometriosis had come back. I then did acupuncture again (3 times a week for 5 months) and it worked. I had my second lap scheduled but found out I was pregnant a month before the op date.

    I would ask my GP for a second laparoscopy especially since you were able to get pregnant after your first. And I know acupuncture is expensive in the UK, but it may also be an option to help you conceive.

    I really hope it all goes well for your and you get pregnant before you need another operation.

  • Thanks so much for replying.

    I have just started having acupuncture and do really like it. I did it last month but it was my left side (tube blocked) that I ovulated on (I get ovulation pains you see) so I'm hopeful that next month it will be my right side and with the acupuncture it may work. Have just booked appointment with my GP too. I guess there's no harm in having a chat. I hope he doesn't turn me away with no help.

    So pleased that you have managed to have two children. I only had acupuncture twice last month before I ovulated and think it will be the same this month and once after to help implantation she said. But you had it 3 times a week? Was that for all four weeks of your cycle? xx

  • Yes, I had acupuncture for all weeks of my cycle, even when I menstruated. The degree of acupuncture varied based on where I was in my cycle, but I did go every week. That was in Canada where it was covered by my health insurance plan, I don't have a good plan here in the UK, so I can't afford it here.

  • thanks xx

  • Hi - I see from previous posts 4 years ago that you had endo affecting your bowel and had pain with sex. It seems you also had a lot of adhesions sticking various bits together and these weren't fully addressed. Your endo was just ablated (burned) which is rarely a thorough treatment. Your pregnancy will have kept things at bay for a while but at the same time a c section can cause an increase in adhesions. Laps are done for two reasons - pain and/or infertility. There may be many reasons for you lack of success in conceiving but there will be a good chance that both your endo and further adhesions will have come into play and so you are definitely a candidate for another lap. But since your bowel was known to be involved all those years ago I strongly recommend that you are seen in a specialist centre this time both to free up your reproductive organs and to thoroughly excise all your endo, much of which might have been missed first time around. Click on my name and look at my post on how to find a centre.

  • Thanks Lindle that's very interesting and informative reading. I was really pleased with my surgeon at the time and funnily enough he ended up being the same surgeon who performed my C-section. I've looked and his specialty isn't endo although I do think he has a lot of experience with it from how he spoke during my consultations. However I have looked at my local specialist centre too and have called them for some advice so thanks very much x

  • Have you ever looked at using natural supplements to help your endo Lindle? Today I have red about serrapeptase and apparently it can dissolve scar tissue and adhesions and so can maybe unblock my tube (or tubes if that is whats happened). I've red on forums about women who have been told they would need ivf but after taking it their tubes were no longer blocked and they conceived naturally x

  • Serrapeptase is a naturally occurring enzyme that helps control the build up of fibrin which is what causes scar tissue. This declines as we age and this could lead to a tendency to fibrosis in the body, with women apparently being more prone than men. But endo is a condition associated with adhesions that not only form as a result of the inflammation but it is believed that adhesion formation is part and parcel of the actual pathogenesis of endo. So if you have old dense adhesions and active endo I can't personally see any supplement being able to combat that. My view would have to be that thorough excision of all endo and adhesiolysis would be the way to go. Whether such a supplement might help after surgery to help prevent adhesions I can't say but as with all supplements it would be necessary to consider any risks.

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