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Lap yesterday and a bit of advice needed


I had my lap yesterday and I think I'm one of the lucky ones as she said I had endometriosis on my pelvic wall and she was able to remove it all. She confirmed it wasn't on any other organs aswell. She used the word superficial which made me feel a bit like a fraud tbh.

Anyway I'm back home and have a few questions...

I'd read loads about the gas pains but jesus never thought they'd be that painful. How long do they last?

Also I have 4 holes in my tummy i thought the usual was 3?

My abs also feel like they've been ripped open. I can't sleep on my side just on my back.

On another note does anyone have any advice on how not to laugh because that's sooo painful, my laughing soon turned into tears boo

Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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My abs hurt so much more than expected too! I just kept taking the painkillers and resting, didn’t do much moving or lifting for a good few days. I was fairly lucky with the gas pains, they were bearable but this may have been because I did what my osteopath suggested and moved my arms as if doing front crawl whilst sitting up in bed. Try it, it’s a good way to get the gas moving without you having to move. Also peppermint tea.

I have seen a few posts on here about people having four incisions, I think it just depends on what they have to do.

My gas pains were horrible too! I found sitting up straight, walking little and often and peppermint tea helped a bit. Mine lasted about 3-4 days. I could only sleep on my back for about two weeks if not longer, it was the only comfortable position, although for first few days I slept sitting up because of the gas pains! Take regular pain killers, rest lots and eat well and on advice not to laugh...avoid anything funny haha! Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Don't feel a fraud about 'superficial' endometriosis, the term is being used in a medical context, not as we use it in everyday life. What they mean is that they found endometriosis on or very near the surface. The opposite is 'deep, infiltrating' endometriosis. 'Superficial' endometriosis is also sometimes referred to as 'peritoneal' endometriosis.

Good luck with your recover!

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Thank you. I did just take superficial in normal context. Sometimes it would be easier if doctors explained things a bit better.

I also had cramping like period pains after my lap which endo was found and treated in pod.

I took paracetamol and ibuprofen which relieved the pain.

I didn't have gas problems- I was lucky.

But I did have terrible shoulder pain which lasted a few days.

I rested a lot and spent a few days just sleeping in bed and sofa not doing much- I couldn't sleep on my tummy or side for a day or two due to the pain.

My advice is to rest as much as possible- and don't hurry back to work until you feel ready. I had two weeks off and I needed it! Just because the incisions are small doesn't mean the work they done inside you was! Surgery is major.

Keep an eye on the stitches- mine were supposed to be dissolvable but some didn't and the nurse at my doctors surgery had to remove some but don't worry it honestly doesn't hurt- even my belly button ones! If they look red or weepy see a nurse and if the stitches aren't gone by a week or two you can get the nurse to remove them.

Wishing you a speedy recovery xoxo

Oh dear. I have mine in 3 weeks and I’m so fed up of pain, I don’t want more!!! I should read up in here what to expect as I’m clueless. I might put on a post for top advice tips!!! Hope you feel better soon flower. X

If you search you’ll find loads of helpful advice about preparing yourself for a lap xx


I had a small amount of peritoneal endometriosis as well and felt a bit lousy about that but really, it is a blessing for it to be that way.

I didn't have too hard of a time with gas pains with diagnostic/excision endo surgeries, but I had loads from my gallbladder removal. It was horrible the first couple nights then decreased. It helped to be propped up or walking around as it moves the gas around and helps it dissipate.

I've only had 3 holes from my endo laps, but I had 4 for my gallbladder. It all depends on the location of things and if the surgeon needs an extra tool to do the surgery properly.

And yes, your abs HAVE been ripped open! They go through muscle and skin tissue. I slept on my back for the first 4 nights and alternated throughout the night on my side/back after that.

I don't have any advice on how not to laugh, but if you find yourself laughing or coughing or anything like that, I suggest you brace your abdomen with a pillow. Makes all the difference!

Good luck on your recovery x

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