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2nd Lap but still in agony!!!

Hi ladies, I'm after some advice. I had my 2nd lap 26th feb after a 23 month wait!! Had endo on my womb, ovaries, bowel and bowel was stuck to my womb and also on my nerves causing sciatica pain. All was removed apart from the endo on the nerves. It's been a long recovery, much longer than my first and it has been hard, with 2 infections, but my fiancé has been a great support. my problem is I'm now on my second period after the lap and I am in absolute agony just as I was before. I thought like last time the pain would ease and just be normal period pain, but it hasn't. I feel drained, have no energy and am sleeping all the time. Has anyone else felt that the lap didn't help, or is my body still recovering. I'm not seeing my consultant until the 28th April so unable to get answers from her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. X

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Hi, sorry you are still suffering, your body has been through a lot, hopefully you are still recovering and your periods will get a little easier, do you have pain throughout the month, and did you befor your lap.

Wishing you better


It starts usually a week before my period is due and is there up to a week after it's finished. This has always been the same. I'm still bleeding very heavily and am also still having lots of clots. Nothing seems to have changed. X


You poor thing, I'm pretty much the same after my lap 3 weeks ago, but been diagnosed with ADENOMYOSIS aswell so my gyne doc thinks that it's this that's causing me my symptons, I'm going back to see him Tuesday and his mentioned a hysterectomy,



Ah never :( I hope the appointment goes well and you get the answers you need! I just feel so frustrated going through the op and it seems it's all for nothing :( x


Sorry you're in pain hon. I had my lap 18th Feb and am still having some intermittent pain and am still tired a lot of the time. I'm back at work but not quite full time as like you I'm still struggling with energy. Like you I had loads of endo removed. I think sometimes it does take a long time for our bodies to recover. I know when I've done too much as I get a dreadful headache and just want to cry! Just because it's keyhole surgery, I think we sometimes don't realise the extent of healing that's required inside. Take care and I hope it gets better soon. xxx

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