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Post lap and advice needed



I've taken a small break away from forum recently, as to be truthful I simply have been on so many tablets and feeling so awful I couldn't concentrate on anything and simply not myself.

Had lap done 15/2 which they removed a large cyst and blasted the endo which they could blast, was told I'd need a follow up longer lap for more treatment.

I work sitting doing nails so had hoped I would have been OK to return to work soon after lap,

First few days after lap was great no back or leg pain just the pain from scars and stitches though very tired. Saturday I thought I was ok to stop taking the tramadol and just continue with the gabapentin. Sunday seemed OK yesterday I felt so sick and constantly dizzy the back pain has returned I simply have no energy and feel awful.

My other half who normally does nothing around the house has been brilliant and has done everything.

I'm so upset and not slept much since yesterday as I'm shocked at how friends have been don't get me wrong texts everyday, though none have been to see me since and one even text yesterday and when I said I felt dizzy and sick and a little sore. She replied oh why you still feeling like that you shouldn't be! And it's all in your head now you need to just get on with it. Her response has upset me though I'm not the sort of person to say anything. Any advice much appreciated, post op healing and this matter. I'm not a hyproconderac. Hope your all as well as can be expected and having support all round xxxxx

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Hi Deb, people heal at different rates. Remember the scars on the outside are nothing compared to what is inside. Take it easy and do be hard on yourself. It can take a few months to feel any real relief, but as you need further surgery this might not happen.people who don't have this disease just can't understand what it's like. Look after yourself and remember you need to think about you not everyone else. Take care Hun.

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Hi Jean

Thank you so much for your reply.

Very emotional today, your words are so kind and understanding thanks

Hope you are having a good day Hun xxxxxx

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Thanks so much for reply Lindle. Hope your well? Yeah was done General gyneacolgy. Sorry for delay in reply. I phoned gp for all information from the report though they said they hadn't revieved it. Since Monday I have been in agony again with back and leg pain, gp prescribed diclofenic for inflamation and to be truthful it just ain't working. Last night being my worse by far, I felt like I had done 100 sit up and the back and leg pain and shoting pains in my stomach was so serve I cried for three hours, my oh called nhs24 and was told someone would call within three hours though he took me threw paracetomal, gabapentin, tramadol and diclofenic all precribed from gp and I cried till I fell asleep probably knocked out with tablets. So missed there call early hours of this morning. I work in a very small nail and hair salon and have been forced to return. I'm in constant agony. template would be great would love a copy of it thanks again xxxxxxx

With regards to your friends comment, I would simply (kindly) tell them that you have had a major operation to help with your endometriosis, which is incurable illness.

Your op wasn't that long ago, so don't feel you haven't tried to "get on with things" you're still recovering.

My own cousin told me my pain was in my head (and she has endo, and had a hysterectomy last year because she couldn't deal with the pain..)

And another friend has basically told me I'm lucky to have two weeks off from work because some people don't even get that amount of time granted for annual leave.. as though I'm on some sort of jolly holiday!

I know it is difficult, and I don't like confrontation either. But I will voice my opinion in a nice way. X

Thanks for your reply your so kind and sorry you've also been affected by people's unsupportive manners xxxxx

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