First Lap soon and need some advice

Hi Im getting the date for my first Lap tomorrow and as it get nearer Im getting more and more worried. I live on the Scottish island of Orkney and have to travel by plane to Aberdeen for the procedure. The thing is it seems to be that it is normally a day case. Im really worried about getting back it involves a nhs bus to the airport and then long walk through and a long wait for the plane. Im not sure that my husband can come with me. Do you think it will be too much in one day for me on my own ?

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  • I think that probably is too much for one day alone. I dunno what to suggest though. Good luck. X

  • i haven't had my lap yet I am in on Thursday but I have been told very importantly that you cannot be left unsupervised for 24 hours due to the anaesthetic. Also I would imagine you wouldn't be up to standing or walking much as the first few days will be spent in bed and you might felt nauseas. I presume you don't know anybody in Aberdeen you could stay with for a few days?

  • Hi there. I have my first lap on Tuesday and i have been told I need someone to take me home and stay with me for 24 hours after. Mainly because of the general anesthetic. I really think all that would be too much for you! I would ask if you could stay over night! Have you had your pre op yet? You could mention if then hope it helps. And good luck x

  • Thanks for your reply's. Going by what youve said I really think I cant be on my own. I doubt if I will have a pre op as it would mean me going to Aberdeen for the day as there isnt any gyne service on Orkney. it will probably be a set of bloods done at the gp and the rest done on morning of arrival. I dont know anyone in Aberdeen so I think when they tell me the date tomorrow I will have to explain my situation and see if they can advise me. There must be others who travel from long distances with the same problem as me. Thanks again xx

  • I expect they will keep you in overnight and by the second day you will be ok to travel, but they would use a buggy/wheelchair to transport you: you will probably be ok to walk a matter of meters, but not miles!

    Good luck x

  • Meant to say they will likely provide you with a nurse to travel home with. Sorry, also meant to say that this is based on what happened with my aunt who fell on holiday in Jersey and had a hip replacement and returned home soon afterwards last week.


  • You cannot travel like that after an operation. Try and get a friend or family member with you. If not inform the airport because they can provide assistance and even get someone to push you in the wheelchair to your seat on the plane. The airport do have these services then take a taxi home.

  • Hi...

    I know this post was from a few years ago, but I was just wondering if mumblemac was still on here? I've just been diagnosed with endo and I also live in Orkney. I wondered if there were any local groups etc that were available? I was also wondering  what services had been accessed locally and if they were of any help?

    I know things have changed a bit since this post, I'm waiting for a laprascopy and this can now be done in Orkney. Just looking for some info really, as not been given much so far...

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